News Wera Tools Driver of the Day – Event 9 – Rowrah

"Cast YOUR vote!

The Wera Tools Driver of the Day Award shortlist for Event 9 – Rowrah is now LIVE.

Now is your chance to vote for the driver who impressed YOU the most during the weekend, with the winner receiving the coveted Wera Tools trophy, tool prizes, and Motorsport UK offering a free test day at a BKC venue of their choice in 2023 or 2024.

The nominations have been made up of drivers that impressed the panel throughout the weekend and now you can play your part in deciding the winner.


Nominations are:

Water Swift (R) – Austin Newstead
– gained 5 positions in Heat 1, 7 positions in Heat 2, 3rd in Pre-Final, and won the Final

Water Swift – Will Green
– Won Heat 1, Pre-Final and Final, near perfect weekend

Junior X30 – Riley Cranham
– gained positions in every race over the weekend

Senior X30 – Harry Burgoyne Jr
– gained 10 points in Heat 1, 11 positions in Heat 2, 2nd in Pre-final, and won final

KZ2 – Charlie Turner
– gained 6 positions in Heat 1, gained 7 positions in Heat 2, and came 3rd in Final

Junior TKM – Harry Bloor
– gained 1 positions in Heat 1 and Heat 2 for 3rd in both, and won Pre-Final and Final

TKM Extreme – Charlie King
– gained positions in every race except Heat 2, and finished 3rd in the Final

Voting closes Thursday 21st September 2023 – duplicate votes will be disregarded

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