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Hello all!

Please excuse my ignorance on this post,
I’m 30 years old and recently went to a main steam indoor track, having not been karting for years I did a good stint on the track along side a professional, he was pulling 33sec laps and I was getting 35sec laps with the rest getting 38/39 laps

I loved to buzz and rush to keep getting faster and already can’t wait to get back, now my question is, is there anywhere in the north west for a club etc?

Happy to do indoor but also look at the outdoor tracks with the potential to buy my own kart but seems to be a mine field on line with classes and categories etc

Just a slight nudge in the right direction would be great as a perfect starting place for me.

Thank you all

Indoor rental is the cheapest option - in the northwest we have TeamSport tracks at Preston (just re-opened), Warrington, Liverpool, Trafford, Manchester and Stoke. They all do a members night on Mondays - 3x15 min sessions for about £30, Plenty of track time, and not much wasted under yellow/red flags. They also do members racing on Thursdays, TeamKarting in Rochdale have some offers as well, worth checking out.

For outdoor rental, Three Sisters at Wigan do arrive and drive sessions and race series. It's a bit more expensive than indoors but the track is bigger, the karts go faster, and you get fresh air.

If you want to get your own kart (faster still), you could pop down to Hooton Park at Ellesmere Port or Rowrah in Cumbria on a race day and talk to the drivers in the paddock - pretty much everyone will offer advice. If you're considering this route, I'd suggest getting some seat time in rentals anyway (indoors or outdoors, or both) to improve your driving and racecraft while you decide what to buy.

Even if you're just going to go indoors, I'd recommend buying a rib protector - cracked/bruised ribs are the most common injury.

Whatever you decide, good luck on track!

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