For Sale Two pro karts for sale

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Item Condition
'Good Condition'
Item Location
North East DH4
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I purchased two pro karts in June with the view to run for fun at my local track, however all I’ve managed to do,so far is tinker with them and not had time to run them.

I have also recently started competing in my Westfield, sprinting and decided I can’t do both so the karts will go to fund the racing.

Kart 1 - recently powder coated green frame, 200 great starting engines, new fuel,lines, cables etc, plenty of power, large seat, ready to go. Β£1100 Ono.

Kart 2 - ex racer 160 engines with new fuel lines cables etc. I’ve put a new carb on the RHS engine to discover the starting issue was a damaged fuel filter which is also,replaced. medium seat. Β£1000 Ono. spare set of wets and plastics.

If I get the asking price I can negotiate a brand new folding trolley and brand new spares, pull starts etc.

I planned on new stickers, and a whole lot of stuff but my focus has shifted. We’re going to stick with hire karting.


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