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Kart Directory UK

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February has already been a busy month for the Kart Directory with multiple tasks to tackle, which has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, and work commitments. However the time has come to put the Kart Directory to the top of the priority pile and begin working on building the brand, the information the resources, to make it the true Karting Directory.

What's New:
- The website has been overhauled with a new brand image, bringing a new logo to support the new drive.
- The website now features a clean fresh but dark theme, minus the title and menu which has white backgrounds.
- The Titles, Buttons and Links all have contrasting colours to drag your attention and direct you to the information.
- Gone is the bright orange and blues, which doesn't match the new direction of the JM Group including JMWForecast.
- The Championships Page has seen the biggest overhaul with information about the series, along with a clear layout for easy navigation on mobile devices.

What's Coming:
- The Race Events page will begin to be populated coming the end of February into March. With social updates regarding March Cancellations due to COVID.
- All the business pages will be renewed moving forwards, with a more dynamic approach including more details which is already in the works.
- The circuit directory is awaiting a full overhaul. All the pages feature the old template, but again this is in progress working on the best design for the task.

2021 Partnerships:
- Alpha Live: The Live Streaming Experts, between JMWForecast and the Kart Directory we supply the weather data for their streams.
- Fuel Your Media: The newest Partner to the Kart Directory site, bringing more exciting prospects down the pipeline.
- JM Group: The Jordan Montgomery Group is the parent company of JMWForecast and The Kart Directory.
- JMWForecast: The website which held all the karting information, until it required splitting into JMWForecast and Kart Directory. Supplies the weather data.
- The Karting Forum remains our first partner in the game, both starting within a month of each other and seeing significant growth in a year!
- KartMania: Kart Mania holds the UK's Premier Kart Show at the Home of British Motorsport - Silverstone.
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Looking great guys! Good work as always :cool:

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