Driver Journal Riley Mason-Lewis

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Driver Name
Riley Mason-Lewis
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My Channel
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Mark Lewis
As a large Formula 1 fan, Riley began his karting journey at Rye House on the junior track, starting with the electric karts and moving on to the Bambinos. He took some time out before returning to the main track doing arrive and drive sessions.
In 2021 he took part in the Rookie Cup, an arrive and drive championship. This was his first championship and he was consistent throughout which saw him finish 10th in the championship.
In 2021 we purchased his first kart, a 2012 Project One Honda Cadet. Taking part in test days, he wanted to do the Rye House IKR series. We studied the times and grids and I set him a goal of hitting 44 second laps before he could enter. After a few months, he managed to hit this goal so we focused on getting in a position ready to take part.
In 2022, he is competing in the Rye House IKR Championship, this is his main championship where we are very much focused on learning to drive, learning to race and how things work for a race day. He currently sat 11th in the championship, with a fantastic wet performance in round 3 scoring him a 5th place finish.
For 2023 we are moving class as he will be too old for Honda Cadets, so 2023 will involve getting a Rotax (most likely), learning to drive the Rotax, learning how to operate a Rotax. We may also take part in another championship.

Just updating the post, I have now created a website (which I am adding to at the moment) which can be found at ( Welcome - Riley Mason-Lewis ). With this I also created a dedicated YouTube channel and Facebook page. Please feel free to give them both a like/subscribe/follow etc.

His IG: ( Login β€’ Instagram )


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Looking good guys! Thanks for getting a Driver Journal started, great to see everybody's progress.

Keep us all updated. And remember you can always tag the forum on socials, I always try and share.
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OK, so this last weekend, we had Round 4 of the Rye House IKR championship, didn't exactly go to plan

Oh, and also, note the new website ( ( Welcome - Riley Mason-Lewis )), still got some work to do on it but I think the content is almost there now.

Ahh we've all had weekends like that! Always take away what you can good or bad and learn from it. Always learning!

Website looks good (y) 😁

If you want any logos etc then you can find all those here....

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ARKS test ... completed it mate :D Went up to Fulbeck for the day and had a good one.
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Well done guys! :cool: (y)
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Not a bad effort last weekend at Rye House for Round 5 of the IKR championship:

Need to say a huge thanks to Dan at GX Tuning Store for getting the engine rebuild done in time for this event, it made a huge difference.
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Looking good guys well done :) (y)
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