Technical Pre evo carb breather pipe leaking

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Hi all,newbie here
i bought a OTK pre evo royal for a bit of fun on my days off.
I know very little about the kart or karts in general.
when I bought the kart I had a blast around and ran the fuel tank dry.
on having it at home Iโ€™ve replaced the fuel lines and filled the fuel tank up.
on start up with choke the breather pipe of the dellorto carb from side to side pours out fuel With engine running
when I bought the kart I never noticed the breather connector pipe has a cut in the very top and that was where it squirted out
is it a case that the floats have stuck open when I ran it dry?
will a new breather pipe cure it as Iโ€™ve a day booked at Hootton park on Wednesday and donโ€™t want to go if itโ€™s leaking fuel.
any ideas guys?


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Hmm sounds like too much fuel in the carb maybe?

The breather pipe is of course mean to have that slit in it.

Did you find the cause?
I did yes,float needle was stuck open and broken.
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I did yes,float needle was stuck open and broken.
Great, easy fix! Very reliable in general those carbs, they just need looking after. I always dump all the fuel out of mine after a test/race day. Then usually strip and clean it ready for the next day out.
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