General Portable Jet Wash

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Felixstowe suffolk
Alex Stephenson

It seems as we travel through the complicated world of UK karting. I need more advice.

What portable pressure washers are people using. It was something I didn't even have on my to do list but after Karting North East and spending so much time cleaning. I need something.

I am looking for recommendations.

I’ve just got a handraulic garden pressure sprayer. Some diluted APC in a bottle, a round firm bristle paint brush or wheel brush, rinse off with the sprayer and dry with a micro fibre towel. I’m at the lower end and on a tight budget though. I don’t think high pressure is such a good idea around the bearings and brakes to be honest, though most seem to have battery powered ones and an air compressor to blow out excess water. A sluggish car towing a caravan with all the gear as well, I’ve got to be careful with how much kit I’m carrying too!
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Any will do, look out for a deal or if you are using an impact driver it would make sense to get the same brand to swap batteries etc.
otherwise get a petrol one then all you have to find is water.
Hopefully you wont need to use it much as we are coming out of winter, maybe.

We only use it when the kart is really dirty, Just make sure you cover up the steering wheel and dash and any electrics with bags and blow off all water afterwards, dry with rags and lubricate etc.
Normally hand cleaning with elbow grease, brake cleaner and silicon cleaner does all that needed.
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We use the Kärcher portable with the bigger tank option.

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