Karting Tutorial Petrol Tank Maintenance

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Petrol Tank Maintenance


Something often overlooked, but it shouldn't be really; it is strapped to the kart between your legs after all! How to keep your petrol tank it tip top shape and prevent any nasty spillages or accidents. If any of items are split or damaged etc, renew them!

Remember dealing with petrol is of course a hazard if due care is not taken - so use your common sense :giggle:

Removal Of The Tank....

Start by removing both the pickup and the breather pipes from the tank and then inspect them for splits or damage. It's also a good idea to check for any debris in the breather and make sure your pickup and breather pipes are all good. The plastic fittings do have a tendency to crack, so make sure you check round the whole diameter.

Once the tank is removed dispose of any existing petrol in the appropriate manor. Inspect the tank for any wear marks or splits etc. I also like to clean the floor tray under the tank as sometimes you'll get a stone or something which may get wedged underneath. Once the tank is out the way it's now easier for you to inspect the rest of your fuel line for any damage.




Once you have disposed of any petrol in the tank, you can now get to work on cleaning and preparing the tank for future use. If you find any debris in the bottom of the tank, it's a good idea to use some fresh non mixed petrol to slosh it around to remove any debris and then dispose of it safely. Once the inside of the tank is clean you can now clean the outside. My weapon of choice is PVC solvent cleaner, the Everbuild brand is good and not too strong! You can also use brake cleaner if you have some to hand.


Squeaky clean! You'll find the solvent will remove most staining depending what oil you are using. I always like preparing the threads on the pickup and breather outlets with PTFE tape. A handy trick is wrapping the tape round a pencil so you can easily then wrap it round the threads on the tank. 10 wraps should be plenty, as the fittings are plastic and you don't want to split them when you tighten them up (Remember what I said earlier about them splitting).


Refitting The Tank....

Once you are happy with how clean the tank is and you have inspected everything for wear and damage, it's time to refit the tank. Next time out, remember you can prime the fuel by blowing into the breather tank, which will then push fuel up to and in the float bowl of the carb. I find 3 rounds of 6 seconds fills the bowl up taking a few seconds break in between.


You now have a fresh looking and safe fuel tank! I also use the same method to clean my mixing jug and funnel. Onto the next meeting 🏁 πŸ†
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@Billywatts I done my tank today, so I got some snaps and info on what I do to solve the issues you had on the weekend with a few leaks πŸ˜… 🏁

No smoking while you do this!!! πŸ™ƒ
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@Billywatts I done my tank today, so I got some snaps and info on what I do to solve the issues you had on the weekend with a few leaks πŸ˜… 🏁

No smoking while you do this!!! πŸ™ƒ
WAs looking at new tanks today as mines bait old and yellow, maybe the ash from the ciggys tho:ROFLMAO:
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Try give it a clean up mate, might come out alright! They do yellow over time regardless tbh and it won't shift, even without the nicotine :ROFLMAO:

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