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Hi everyone,
Newbie here and possibly slightly older than most at 25 getting into the sport. However, I have a genuine love for it and want to try and push myself as far as I can. At the moment, I’m exploring the avenue of rental kart racing, potentially in the club 100 series.

I have a couple of questions to ask should I decide to change paths slightly, what type of suit, helmet, boots and gloves should I acquire? I know I need Snell and CIK-FIA approved equipment but are their different levels to this or is it just one seal of approval?

If I were to go towards owner kart racing, well this is an absolute maze, I genuinely do not know where to start!? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, where would I find a good “starter” kart and series to race in? I’ve heard of rotax but that’s about it.

Thank you 🙏🏻
Never to old I started at 53 and loving it
Got an otk kart with rotax evo and joined an ikr club
If you're a complete newbie, I would suggest local rental racing as a first call before Club100 - you can race there with their karts and equipment to get some initial seat time and racecraft before you have to start buying gear and travelling. Depending where you are in the West Midlands, there is Daytona Tamworth, Whilton Mill, PFI, Herefordshire Raceway etc.

There is a set of current standards that applies to adult owner-driver karting - it's defined in the MSUK Yearbook ("blue book"). Club100 also require this standard.
More practically, you could go to Demon Tweeks at Wrexham and try on the different makes and sizes and ask advice,

Owner driver is indeed a maze - and much more expensive. To find out about it, best to go to a track or two on a race weekend, watch the action and talk to the competitors. If you're in the West Midlands, your nearest track might be Whilton Mill, PFI, Shenington, GYG or Three Sisters. Rotax is good, and popular, but not cheap. There are many other options. Research costs and grid sizes carefully before you buy.

Good luck!

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