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Kart Directory UK

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A Social Media Platform Created By A Karter for Karters

The world of motorsport can be a tense and difficult world, but with a dedicated platform to raise points about the sport we all know and care about, and helps take a step away from the likes of COVID, BREXIT and other world events which induces boredom. There will be public discussions about new and even existing rules, regulations and changes that are coming to sport, along with allowing those on the platform to share their own experiences, and build up a portfolio of information on their profile.

What Does The Kart Directory - Social Bring?
A dedicated platform to talk or discuss anything karting.
β€’ A platform to allow teams, businesses, circuits to advertise their products and services to all members.
β€’ A platform to allow you to take a step away from the problems being pushed the world, and relax with a subject which we all know and love.

1. Groups

Groups allow organisation of the platform, along with allowing others to find information quickly without too much searching. Groups can be open, invite-only or hidden.
- Open: Allows anyone to see and join the group without authentication from a organising member.
- Invite: Allows anyone to see the group, but can only join the group if an invite is sent to themselves or a request to join is made.
- Hidden: This prevents a group being seen by those on the platform, unless they are invited or part of the group.

What Can Be Seen/Done Within A Group?
- You are able to see all members within the group once a member.
- You are able to access the main feed to see any information which has been published, and comment or like on the post in question.
- Discussions can be created using a forum style within a group to keep the information clear, and easy to navigate.
- Photos are stored within a group also, and these can be organised into albums.
- Files can be uploaded and stored within the group, along with being viewed by all members.
- Zoom API settings can be setup, and then a zoom meeting can be created and held within the groups, for all the members, without requiring emails to be sent out.

2. Profile
Each person that registers to the platform has the ability to fill in details about themselves, for example a driver can display their class, race number, favourite circuit and team they race for. With additional categories for officials and teams/business. This allows all registrants to have a place on the platform.

3. Activity Feed
The main activity feed will be filled with posts by all members of the community, that has their share status set to public, this can be reduced when creating a post. This allows the information on the main page to be new but if a certain topic is required you can use the search box to find that category/post.

4. Private Messaging
The platform is just like any other social media platform when it comes to private messaging. You can message users on the platform, without the rest of the platform knowing any of it.

5. Profile Following
There is the ability to follow a profile to keep updated with the information which is published by that person, which is accessible within the timeline which appears on your own profile. This helps separate the public feed away from the private feed.

6. Account
All your login information, email preferences, privacy and group invites are stored within the account. This allows you to take full control of your account, limiting what people see and what information you receive. You can also request a full data export from the website, which will contain all the data you have created on the platform.

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