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From all of us at!!

Hope you all have a good time wherever you are! Try and make it the best you can, given the current circumstances around the world and indeed the UK. Roll on 2021! πŸ€ͺ 🍻 Version 2.1 & The 'Start Karting' Initiative
Big changes have taken place over the last few weeks behind the scenes and now on the face of A full restructure of various parts of the forum has taken place, making things more easier to navigate. The main addition is the "Start Karting Initiative", it's aimed to help new comers get details and start their Karting journey.

You'll now notice Karting Classifieds have a much more modern feel and look to them, making your listings stand out. Trade Promotions are now part of the Karting Classifieds also. Again, listings are all free and we feel it's the best place to advertise your Karting items for sale or wanted.

The "Start Karting Initiative" went live with great content from Kart Directory UK to kick things off. Followed by our very own small Brand Directory and Gearing Calculator. Much more to come from this I'm sure, including a "Start Karting" guide for people wanted to get into the sport. And also a Track Gearing Guide which is already in the works.

Driver Promotions have moved into the Karting Discussions section, making it more accessible to all our members. It's a great way to log your progress and help gain sponsorship etc. Update it like you would your socials and keep us all in the loop with the latest happenings.

Tutorials can now be posted in all of the various Karting sections, we feel this makes them more accessible to everybody.

Thank you and roll on 2021...
Big thanks for those who have joined up and got involved with this project this year! One whole year of has now passed since we opened the doors this time last year. It's been such a rollercoaster in general, however every month the forum has got bigger, better and expanded. We can only hope for the same growth we had this year, we'll see what happens. Not to mention the Karting world in general has been turned upside down, but I'm sure we'll have some normality soon. Happy birthday!

What does the future hold for the forum? I'm not sure to be honest. Things I thought would work, didn't! Things I thought were a bad idea, ended up being quite popular. There was times I was gona sack it...but glad I didn't. Hopefully this place has helped some people out and hopefully it will continue to do so, as we expand.

Next year I hope to bring some decent competitions to the table, which some decent prizes for you all. I havn't really bothered yet, as Covid has slowed everything down to a crawl in the motorsport world with many people not being able to get out on track much. Not to mention of course this play is all funded by myself and our small family business, times have been quite hard as of late. Happy to say this place runs without costing any of you guys a penny!

Merch continues to roll out the door, loads of you have stickers on your Karts, in your workshops etc etc, it's great to see and thanks for the support! I have even seen Karts for sale or pop up on socials with our stickers on, love it!

I'd love to see more interaction from small businesses and organisations, but as we grow I'm sure that will happen. We already have some great people on board, hopefully things will get in full swing for what they have lined up for next year and the forum will be involved in promoting it. 2021 continues work with both KartMania and Kart Directory UK!

It would be great to get some more feedback from you all! What do you like? What don't you like? What would you like to see either be removed or added? Competitions? Let me know!

Onwards and upwards for 2021. Thanks for being a valued Member, alllll of you! Thanks to all the people and firms that have come on board! Thanks to all the Trade Members! Thanks to all those that support and help out behind the scenes! Let's see what we can do in the new year 'ay....see you trackside!


Adam & Team.
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