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Lucas Ellingham
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Jack Dex Racing (JDR)
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Hi & thanks for clicking on this post.
I started driving karts when I was 6 and since have been obsessed with racing and winning ever since.

I work hard at ensuring that I and my equipment are in the best condition and I use what I have available to the best of
my ability to maximise my potential. To date I have won multiple championships including National Titles and will keep working to realise my goals.

Currently I race in the UK in the X30 Senior & Rotax Max classes with Jack Dex Racing and I am focusing on achieving my next goal which is to win UK & European kart series with my long-term goal being to drive professionally.

The partn
erships I have built up over the last few years enable me to be competitive against those with a substantially higher racing budget and as such I highly value those who support me, I always give 100% and always go to win!

If anyone is interested please come and follow me on Instagram & Facebook and should you be interested in coming on-board with me and my racing please drop me a message or use the 'Contact me' section of my website.
Lucas Ellingham_7777_(web).jpg

Here's an excerpt from my CV with some statistics from my cadet & junior days


PF International

X30 Senior
Whilton Mill
Hunts Kart Race Club (HKRC)

Shenington Kart Racing Club



KART DEVELOPMENT DRIVING2017 Zip Vanquish & Synergy Honda Cadet karts
2018-2022 MS Kart Blue Phoenix rzf29 kart
DRIVER COACHINGCadets, Junior & Senior drivers
TEAM WORKWorking as mechanic in awning
Coaching drivers in the team
Thanks again for looking & hope it's been interesting.
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HKRC 2024 Round 1 Rotax Max Heat 1.......... P24? > P8

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TVKC this weekend


Strong grid of 65 drivers
Testing went OK just dialling back into the circuit as only been here 3 times in last 2 years.

TQ came round quick Saturday and got drawn in P1 so went as soon as lights went green, benefit was no traffic but didn't have the advantage of a tow from a driver in front.
Finished the 5 minutes P6 in group P11 overall out of 65, OK all things considered but meant more work to do in the heats.


View attachment 2700

Heat 1 was wet so always a gamble on who has the best/correct wets for the race.
Went off P6 and had a decent start, swapped places a few times and came home in P4.




Heat 2 was full dry and made some changes to the kart from TQ so let's see how these go and if they work.


Had another P6 start and went off the lights, got a good start and kart felt good, midrace caught the front three and popped it by the 3rd place man going into the uphill left. The leader was gone so that just left P2 available and on the last lap I went up the inside into hairpin 2 and thought I'd got the job done but there was contact between my outside rear and his inside right which ended up in a bent axle for me, noones fault just a racing incident but this made the last 1/2 lap very difficult as I had no pace and the group behind caught me before the next corner.
Had to go fully defensive as was just so slow but managed to make it to the flag and take P3.



So, the finishes and TQ put me where for the final, guess?...... yep, P6, I've got to say I was getting a bit bored of P6 today lol.

Anyway, we went and I dropped a couple of places in the first set of corners due to the melee but going into hairpin 1 sent it and made it to P5 from 8.
Head down and pushed forwards and got to the lead group of 4 and slotted into P3 at the 2nd hairpin.
For the rest of the race we all swapped places but unfortunately my P2 position was not to be as into hairpin 2 on thr penultimate lap the group behinds momentum moved me wide and caused a gap to the driver in front so I had to push and try to secure P3 which is where I took the flag.



We all go out to win but I'll take a Podium this weekend in thr company that was out there, got fastest lap in Heat2 and was quickest in the final until the last lap so loads of positives to take away.


Big shout out to Jack Dex, JDR, MSKart, Time Racing Engines, ARC-AV for the unwavering support.


If anyone in interested in coaching days please DM me as I offer on track, off track, data etc etc and can do most circuits. I guarantee I'll make you quicker lol.


Photo credits to Chris Walker aka Kartpix, many thanks Chris


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HKRC Round 2 last weekend

Weather was looking grim but turned out to just be a bit damp...but not at the right time

Testing was short on Saturday but OK, very fast in mixed conditions with a big buffer of a second in one session and needing to find a tenth or two when it dried up.
Due to the large number of entries forcing a heat to take place on Saturday for some drivers but unfortunately I was not in this which was a shame as it rained so would have been a result as not only would it have been a strong race for me but I would have saved my slicks for 1 heat.

Sunday and its 2 heats to go.
Heat 1

Started P3, it was damp so on wets, got a good start and into T2 took the lead but got clipped by the driver I'd just passed which slowed pace. Going into T4 got loaded off track and rejoined in 5th or 6th so had some work to do.
Pushed for the remaining 7-8 minutes and brought it back in P3 with promotion to P2 after bumper penalties were applied.

heat 1.JPG

Heat 2
It was dry and starting P27 so it was just focussing on making up as many places as possible to get a front end grid slot for the final.
Got going and just started picking off drivers wherever I could, pace was good and finished in P8, making up 19 places at the flag.

heat 2.JPG

Overall Classification


So, P3 start for the final and there was a new factor to think about, some drivers still had brand new slicks as they had been drawn in both wet races.
grid hkrc feb 24.jpg

We went round and the 1st start was void, which was not good as this allowed the new tyre drivers to scrub them in more...anyway, 1nd attempt we went and into T1 I got squeezed into P3 but coming out the P2 driver had a mechanical and this held me up allowing the P1 driver to get a sizeable gap of just over 1s. I pushed hard to try and reduce this, which worked for two laps but then his tyres were fully in and he started to eek out the gap but a tenth or 2 each lap.

The driver with new tyres was in P3 now and starting to close the gap and with 3 minutes to go he caught me, now do I defend, no point, too long to go so I let him pass and try to keep with him but he had the tyre advantage which resulted in being a tenth quicker each lap.

And so I took the flag in P3 out of 49 which was OK.


presentation 1 hkrc feb 24.jpg

Big thanks as always to JDR, MS Kart, Time Racing Engines & ARC AV & IT for their support.

2 Wins and a P3 for the team out of 8 classes isn't bad, go to Jack Dex Racing JDR to see how they can help you progress and move up the grid.
group hkrc feb 24.jpg
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That's Saturday done at TVKC
P1 in TQ
So TVKC PFI Challenge last weekend and had a good TQ Saturday as shown above...
tvkc feb24_1.jpg
A quick one this month so....
Heat 1
Went of Pole and led until lap 5 of 9 when someone came past. I tried to keep with them but they clearly had way more pace so I set about consolidating the P2 position and that's where I took the flag.
Solid points for the final positions.
tvkc feb 24 final 1.jpg
Feb H1.JPG

Heat 2
Went off Pole again and hoped to find a bit more pace, which we did but it came too late.

Went and held the lead until lap 4 when I got passed so slotted into the train and decided to see if I could go with the lead pack, which was going OK until the P3 driver got bored and decided to go in which shuffled me down to P4 and allowed the leader to get some breathing space.
Final 2.jpg
I sat for 2 laps and then overtook the P3 driver and started to catch the driver in P2 but ran out of laps. So positive, found more pace and was catching both P2 and P1 in the end and also secured a reasonable position to go towards the final grid.
TVKC Feb 24 heat 2 results.JPG

This would put me in P3 (out of the 60 entrants) for the final which is good, inside and in the front few rows of the grid, happy with that as it's a one off meeting so only the Final really matters.
tvkc feb 24 final 4.jpg
The final would turn out to be a very long hard race, we went and I slid into P2 on lap 2 but was relegated to P3 on lap 3 which let the leader get a break, TBH I didn't have the pace to keep with him so understand why the guy when in on me, lap 5 got shuffled to P4 so it was time to start to make decisions and do something......... the front 2 drivers had built a 1.5s gap to P3 and showed no signs of slowing so on lap 7 I moved into P3 to try and secure something......
tvkc feb 24 final 3.jpg
At the same time there was a coming together between P1 & P2 and this took out the P2 driver so now I was in P2 with 4 laps to go, a big gap to the leader and 11 karts lined up on my rear bumper..... not easy to deal with at PFI.
tvkc feb 24 final 5.jpg
Anyway, got to work defending and trying to make a break if and when I could and managed to take the flag in P2, which was frustrating not to be a win but I was really happy with how I managed to hold position to the flag.
tvkc feb 24 final 6.jpg
Unfortunately post race both I and the winner got a 5 second penalty dropping us down the order but as they say, many positives to come away with, least of all being able to defend 4 laps at PFI with a reasonable grid on my bumper,
tvkc feb 24 final lapchart.JPG

As always, massive thanks to JDR-Jack Dex Racing, MS Kart, Time Racing Engines, ARC AV & Chris Walker KartPix for the great photos.



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HKRC Round 3
Last weekend was round 3 of the '24 HKRC championship and Saturday went well with some nice dry running for a change......Sunday however...rain, rain and more rain.
Heat 1

Had a P20 start and managed to make my way up to P7, a fairly average race, lacking some pace which could have been down to tyres so just trying to make up places to maximise a final starting position.


Heat 1
Heat 2 and started a higher P5 so really looking for a win. Went 1st time into turn 3 got hit in inside rear and pushed wide then on the straight up to turn 4 got forced off track on to the grass so couldn't brake into the corner and collected the driver who squeezed me off at the apex which dropped me back to P6.
Get going again and start to pass karts ahead and get to P2 with a gap ahead and behind but still lacking the pace needed and that's where I took the flag, P2.

The heat finishes put me row 2, P4 for the final


Still raining for the final and we have made some changes to try and find pace so fingers crossed it works.

We went 1st time and I was on the outside....into turn 1 the pole man got loaded hard and fired straight across in front of me causing the P2 driver to brake hard and in turn I had to jump on the brakes. This allowed the inside row to gain places and I dropped back to P6/7 or something.....not good. It also allowed the P3 driver to get a gap of a second.

The kart felt much better so I just went to work, and made up a couple of places on lap 1 to come across in P5. Lap 2 it was another 2 places up to P3 but I was 1.7s off the P2 driver so work to do to catch him as he had shown good pace all day with a heat win.

On Lap 6 I caught him and sent it in on the last corner to take P2 then it was a matter of seeing if I could eat into the 4 second gap the leader had.

Over the next 3 laps I pushed hard and made a slight dent but it was only 10ths of a second and we were doing pretty much the same laptimes so I knew with 4 laps left I couldn't catch him so just backed it off slightly to secure P2 and ensure no mistakes.

So P2 at the flag and another podium and also the highest scoring round to date which further increased my lead in the championship.

As always, big thanks to JDR, Jack Dex Racing, MS Kart, Time Racing Engines and ARC Audio Visual & IT Solutions for all their support.


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HKRC Round 4 April senior Max Livestream


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