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Lucas Ellingham
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Jack Dex Racing (JDR)
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Hi & thanks for clicking on this post.
I started driving karts when I was 6 and since have been obsessed with racing and winning ever since.

I work hard at ensuring that I and my equipment are in the best condition and I use what I have available to the best of
my ability to maximise my potential. To date I have won multiple championships including National Titles and will keep working to realise my goals.

Currently I race in the UK in the X30 Senior & Rotax Max classes with Jack Dex Racing and I am focusing on achieving my next goal which is to win UK & European kart series with my long-term goal being to drive professionally.

The partn
erships I have built up over the last few years enable me to be competitive against those with a substantially higher racing budget and as such I highly value those who support me, I always give 100% and always go to win!

If anyone is interested please come and follow me on Instagram & Facebook and should you be interested in coming on-board with me and my racing please drop me a message or use the 'Contact me' section of my website.
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Here's an excerpt from my CV with some statistics from my cadet & junior days


PF International

X30 Senior
Whilton Mill
Hunts Kart Race Club (HKRC)

Shenington Kart Racing Club



KART DEVELOPMENT DRIVING2017 Zip Vanquish & Synergy Honda Cadet karts
2018-2022 MS Kart Blue Phoenix rzf29 kart
DRIVER COACHINGCadets, Junior & Senior drivers
TEAM WORKWorking as mechanic in awning
Coaching drivers in the team
Thanks again for looking & hope it's been interesting.
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Quick update from last weekend

Back at whilton mill to see how the ribs are, made some changes with seat and rib protection to see if I can get through this meeting otherwise would have to take some proper time out......
Testing was thereabouts with my teammate getting fastest in most sessions although I popped it on p1 for the last session.

TQ ended up p3 5/100ths off pole so I guess that's OK.
Screenshot_20230826_165402_Chrome.png teammate had needed points to try and get back to p2 so the plan was to play wingman and help him get points back over the drivers ahead so had to hold back from going for the wins for a bit.....

Heat 1 p3>p2
A pretty standard race with a good start that allowed us a bit of a gap at the start and although the p3 and 4 drivers were slowly coming we never felt any pressure so just played the game and brought it home for solid points.

Heat 2 p3>p2
Start was a bit closer this time so going into turn 3 I backed up the pack a bit to defend p2 and let my teammate get a clean run on lap 1. Well, for the next 4 or 5 corners the drivers behind had some fun as coming along the back straight I looked back and there were karts everywhere lol, anyway head down to catch p1 and push away which we did with only p3 starting to catch us.

So that worked well and managed to gain 20+ points over the p2 championship driver but now final time.

Starting p2 for the final with teammate on Pole and we get away ok. The front 3 make some space at the beginning and after a bit are joined by a 4th driver but we are a way ahead of the rest of the grid.

I sit for a bit then decide to take the lead to see if we can make a break but can't as the tow is keeping p3 and 4 with us. A bit later my teammate comes past and Im happy to sit and we keep counting down the clock, no need for any final moves as yet and with about 3 laps to go I send it to take the lead and push for 1.5 laps to see if I can break the rest but p2 is just about there. I keep nailing the apex and it works as he doesn't get that extra length to me that would allow him a send and take the flag with a win and my teammate in p2, so more championship points for us both.

Big thanks to JDR, Jamie Tyler, ARC AV, MS Kart, Time Racing Engines for all the support and well done to @sambakerracing and Spencer Brougham for the p2 and p3 and strong performances all day.
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Looking good Lucas! Still enjoying it? If I remember there was talk of you trying to get into cars this year?
Looking good Lucas! Still enjoying it? If I remember there was talk of you trying to get into cars this year?
Thanks Adam, yeah love racing.

Out again this weekend at WMKC to try and get some more championship points

Was trying to get things together to do some cars this year but what with college just can't get everything lined up to make it possible unfortunately.
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Thanks Adam, yeah love racing.

Out again this weekend at WMKC to try and get some more championship points
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Was trying to get things together to do some cars this year but what with college just can't get everything lined up to make it possible unfortunately.
Ahh sometimes that's just life mate! Good to see you still in the seat. Cars can always come later on!
Yeah, hopefully.

Hard work last weekend, lacked a bit of outright pace but it rained for Heat 1 so got to work and pulled a 7 second gap to win.

Heat 2, proper dropped the ball and managed to fall off on my own so dropped to p7 at the line.

Started final p2 but pole man went purposely uber slow and he caught me out and i oiled up at the start and couldn't catch him.

Had a bit of a race up and took p2 but championship lead is only 4 points now and I've not got the luxury of any dropped rounds I can call on so its down to the last race of the championship next month....

Big thanks to Jack Dex Racing JDR, MS Kart, ARC AV, Time Racing Engines for all the support.......and also the very helpful guy who came to our rescue Friday night and lent us his genny when our genny failed ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Having a run out at HKRC Kimbolton this weekend to test a new chassis that MS Kart and Jack have done for me.

Blagged a result there last time earlier this year as I've not been able to race there for a couple of years so hoping to have a strong meeting.

Always like a run out there as its a nice relaxed meeting
Busy weekend working on a 2024 prototype MSKart with JDR, lots learnt but had to call on experience in the final as we were a bit short of outright pace but managed to come away with the win!!!!
Hard work in the awning with tuning all weekend to try and get the package as best as it could be but still had to drive an uber defensive final from P3 on the grid.

Big thanks as always, JDR, Jack Dex, MSKart, ARC-AV & Time Racing Engines for always supporting me, glad I did the job for them all today if in a different way ๐Ÿ˜€.
Final round of the 2023 Whilton Mill Kart Club championship this weekend and I go into it 4 points in the lead, starting to wish I hadn't played rear gunner for my teammate in August to get him some championship points as the 6 points I gave up would have been quite handy now lol.

Anyway, feeling good, chassis all checked after the last round where the one I was on had cracked but she'd done well having done a lot of work and had an unfair amount of airtime and grass tracking at UKC.

So, no drop rounds available to me which means every race since June has been critical and i need to dig deep as its time to make the a certain marvel antihero might say..

Big ask but would be nice to pull it off as 1st time someone has won 3 classes back to back there ๐Ÿ˜‰
So, last round of the championship last weekend.
Leading by 4 points.
No dropped rounds available as all were Zero score.

Saturday TQ -
Really wanted to pop it on Pole to make life easier in the Heats but a novice managed to 1/2 spin in front of me, in the dry, on my final push lap so only went P3, downside was my main championship rival was in P1 with his teammate in least it meant that I wouldn't be caught out by any 'games' during the start to try and get me a jumpstart penalty.
Sunday Heats-
So, going off P3 the plan was to get ahead and manage the race from the front. We went 1st time of asking and the leader was going uber-defensive, too defensive, just get going and get on with even though he must have thought it was coming he went too defensive into the 1st left of the boot which opened up the inside into the I sent it and placed the kart on the apex next to his.

He knew he'd screwed up and tried to force me onto the inside kerb but ended up just spinning himself into the barrier on the outside and dropping me down to P5.

I got my head down and slowly worked my way back, taking the lead with 3 laps to go. I pushed for 1/2 a lap to get a little gap then managed the race to the was the plan, without the drama of the opening lap :)

The final positions showed my rival has pulled in as he had another crash when trying to come through the pack so this took the pressure off having gained a nice advantage going into Heat 2.

Heat 2
Simple this one, stay safe, out of trouble and dont giver any opportunities for anything to happen and just finish behind the rival to bag some safe points, which went to plan.


This put me on Pole for the final and only a DNF or really low finish would scupper things........ we went and I got a perfect run through T1 & T2 which gave me a gap to P3 and the rest of the pack. I got my head down and pushed to extend the gap as much as I could and when I checked with 3 minutes to go I couldn't see them, I was way ahead so smoothed things out and started watching what was happening in the melee behind me when I word, carnage lol......... the race ended up being red flagged as there was a pile up at T5 and the race was stopped.

This was good news for my teammate Sam Baker as he was in the lead before someone had driven over the back of him and ripped the exhaust off......but going back a lap it was he who secured P2 in the race, so a JDR 1-2.

Add to this wins in
Rotax Micro for Otis Cleary
Junior X30 for Morgan Hill
Senior X30 for Alfie Baxter-Davies
and a 1-2 in Senior Rotax for me and Sam Baker made it a great weekend for Team JDR


Can I take a moment to thank my sponsors for all the hard work and support they have put in and provided in 2023 who without I couldn't deliver the results and do what I love to do;

Jack Dex Racing - JDR
Time Racing Engines
ARC Audio Visual & IT Solutions


Took my sister to PFI for her 1st go in a Junior rotax out, she liked it, only 20 seconds off the pace.....1st time at pfi, 1st time in a kart, 1st time in the wet lol




Big thanks ks to Jack Dex JDR for sorting the kart and hanging around in the damp cold weather.

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