General Logistics of junior karting with three boys


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Hi there,

Looking to hear from peoples experience of karting with three boys through the cadet class and beyond.

I’ve been looking into getting my boys into karting, most things I’ve got squared away such as logistics of transport etc, the one thing I’m not so sure on is race day logistics of running three boys and three karts. Has anyone had experience of this and how was it? My main concern is how do I support each child and kart on the day, can it be done? Will I just be in the pits the whole time prepping the karts and how much support does each child need getting to the grid? I’ll have help of my wife but still a little concerned about how this would play out.

Thanks in advance!
You will need at least 2 mechanics to run 3 cadet karts (experienced mechanics).
The norm is one per kart.
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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. So in terms of mechanics on the day what is specifically needed in the karts, assuming most of the set up is done prior to arriving?
Youll probably find adjusting tyre pressures as the temperature changes, running repairs from any on track scraps, making sure fuelled correctly (especially if youre using the fuel as ballast to make weight).
Your mechanics could also take feedback from the drivers and make set up adjustments based on what they are saying and how it feels out there on the day. Running a single kart on race day can be quite full on. Don't forget there is managing your kid(s) as well, are they annoyed/upset that the kart isn't doing what they want it too, are they extremely annoyed because they were punted off on the first bend... etc.
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