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Daz T

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Hi there, i'm looking for a Junior Kart for my daughter who is 13 years old. Her aim is to race next year. I've been told by the karting track we use to get a Junior Rotax, mini max or x30. If there's anything out there please let me know.
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Would recommend getting a junior rotax as X30 is very expensive and Mini Max is not going to really exist next year. I would also recommend renting different chassis such as OTK, Birel ART, Croc Promotion etc before you go ahead and buy one as it might be different to what your daughter's driving style is.
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Thanks for the advice. I don't suppose you know of any for sale.
Don't buy from ebay unless you know what to look for. Rotax can be cheaper than X30 so long as you are not at the front of high level racing so is a good call.

With regards to equipment I'd suggest you speak to Jack Dex at Jack Dex Racing JDR as he always has good condition used equipment and is very helpful which benefits new starters.

Hope this hels and if you need any info just let me know.
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