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James 'Adam' Pell
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J. A. Pell & Son Motorsport
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Paul Babington & Various Others
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Competitor at Bayford Meadows Kart Racing Club
Founders of

Our Original Driver Journal Entry - Posted 19/08/2020

First test day at Bayford Meadows after 13 years. The old man and my best mate ☝

In a bid to give everbody a bit of insight about myself, guess I'll get involved! 😁

The Beginning....
First name James (After the old man), but everybody calls me by my middle name...Adam (Long story). Where did it all start? Growing up around Motorsport as kid I was either Karting, short oval racing with family, glued to the TV watching F1 or Touring Cars. Thinking about it, playing various kinds of racing games too. I remember as a kid having a go in a Kart on holiday, done pretty well and the bug bit. We started Karting around 1998 quite religiously, spending most weekends getting track time in. Starting off in rental Karts at 'Brentwood Karting' and then progressing onto being an owner driver, in a Zip Cadet some time later. Brentwood was great, though the 'old' track is now gone and has been replaced/upgraded. Here's my short and probably boring story πŸ€ͺ

The Test Day?!
I got the opportunity to go for a test session in a Comer Cadet, at the time with a 2 stroke W60 engine. It was at Rye House, dark...raining..never driven the track before or the class of Kart on offer. Things were nearly called off but the old man assured the fella all will be fine. He was thankfully correct and both myself and Kart left the track in one piece. Great fun and I would imagine a big smile from ear to ear, from myself and the old man.

ZIP Kart, Thanks Mr Karting!

Circa 1998 I would think - 7/8 years old - What's HD?☝
'Mum & Dad' financed the first Kart and got me into the seat. We bought the ZIP Kart from the late and great Martin Hines, Mr Karting! I remember the day very well still. Such a great fella and really made us feel at home around the shop, nothing was too much bother. A few hand shakes later and a "Enjoy the Kart kid" from Martin, we picked up our first proper taste of Karting. The memories started being created and the legacy began! We was regulars at local tracks such at Rye House and Bayford Meadows. Ended up completing my ARKS test and getting a club license.

The Search For Power!

Circa 2001/2002 - 10 / 11 years old ☝
I remember Cadets was great, but I was always heavy. The search for more power a new buzz began! We skipped Mini Max and progressed into Junior Rotax. I remember it was a time where TKM was very much in the forefront of Karting classes and the 'new' Rotax classes were very much up and coming. Being quite young and going out in a Junior Rotax was quite an eye opener, the power felt very much alive and kicking. Again, a great opportunity came up and I test drove a Junior Rotax on an Eglem chassis from the late 'Trackside Karting' at Bayford Meadows. Same again, very apprehensive attitude from all parties involved due to my age. All went well and we ended up getting a new Eglem Chassis and Junior engine. Still no racing? Nope still not entered any races yet. I was always ahead of my classed due to size/weight. Cost was a major issue. And in all honesty I used to love going open practice the day before a race meeting and having such a masterclass in driving from other kids on track. We held our own, good times!

Still Got A Bit Of It :sneaky:

I still have a caliper from the Eglem Chassis with a picture in it. A great photo frame if you every find the need for one....

Senior Time...

Circa 2003/2004 - 12 / 13 years old ☝
Again we jumped a class early, really early! This time I was getting a few coaching sessions from a fella (I can't remember the name, so sorry) and we opted to go for one of their ex race engines and a new 'Go Kart' chassis. They had a workshop in Leyton, East London which was right on our doorstep. It was a nice Kart, but I did prefer the Eglem. Anyways, another learning curve with the Rotax Senior. Still not racing due to being too young for the class and financial restrictions. But still holding our own and having a blast! Turning a few heads and up turning some eyebrows for all the right reasons on occasion.

Sold Up!

Circa 2006 / 2007 - 15 / 16 years old ☝
Sold. As I got older I found myself getting a part time job, going out with 'mates' and in general not having time for Karting. We had a good run and it was time to move on. Karting kept me on the straight and narrow as kid. Some of my best memories was from the days of Karting.

Fast Forward >> 2019

2019 - Old :( ☝
At 17 life moves on and I really got into my cars, owning various things over the years. Fast forward a few years and I bought my dream car around 2012, a Ford Focus ST225. I loved it, it was my pride and joy. After 7 years of owning it and making some great friends and going to many many shows and meets. The time had come, back to Karting we go. I can confirm 300bhp and Karting are very different, but once you get the Karting bug you will NOT loose it. It's their for life. Car got sold. Tears all round.


2019 - Bayford ☝
What made me go back to Karting? The smell, the buzz, the little ones. Oh and Paul Babington's snap above . We went to a few meetings at Bayford to all come flooding back. Long story short; I got home and Paul snapped my little one looking over at another little one in a Bambino. I wanted to make the some memories I had as a kid, with my kids. Car sold. Workshop built with the old man. Kart bought. Soon we swap the scooter for a Bambino too kid!

2019 - The internet ☝
Upon trying to get back into Karting I noticed there was a void for something new, fresh and unique. was born! You get what that's all about, you're here right?!

The Return!

2020 - Super secret headquaters ☝
Started off again where we left off! With the car gone it allowed me to go ahead and own a fantastic example of a Tony Kart with a Senior Rotax from NextKarting (Great firm, highly recommended). J. A. Pell & Son Motorsport was born! Since we have been out on the track for a few sessions and getting back into the swing of things. If I can get into some club racing next year at Bayford and Lydd, I'd be over the moon! For now we (I lol) concentrate on dropping some timber and getting some consistant times. Race craft is still back there somewhere, but I have so much to forget in terms of bad habits. It seems to hurt more now at 29 than it did as a kid too? πŸ€”

Where From Here...The Legacy

2020 - Happy place, Bayford ☝
Well as far as I'm concerned is here to stay and help people and the industry where possible. Maybe in 5 years I'm going to look back and say 'Good effort, but no trophy'. But as I have proven, you can make some wicked memories without winning a trophy, it just depends on who you wish to share that journey with. I'm here to help anybody where I can, so please contact me/the forum if that's possible. We'll see how things go and I thank you all for getting onboard with this little project.

Karting wise, I intend to get in shape and become some what competitive again. Club races next year? I hope so. I also want to get my little ones into Karting if they wish to, we'll see when the time comes.

Well, that's my journey spanning the last 20 years and with loads more to come! Big thanks to all that was a good influence and assistance over the years, great times! I'll keep this thread updated with all the latest happenings and goals. I'm sure I will update this post at some point, bound to be a typo or something I have missed.

Welcome to my Driver Journal......



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BMKR Round 6 - 2023


Quali P10 - Pre Final 1 P9 - Pre Final 2 P11 - Grand Final P12

Started the day off ok, then kinda went backwards πŸ€ͺ. Quali was a decent result for the first meeting back in nearly a year, a solo time set with no toe in sight. One-up for Pre Final 1. Though the rain had a little drizzle in Pre Final 2, I just seemed off pace before that occurrence. We had some fun though and it was great to be back!

We did we learn? No shorts in parc ferme and W5's don't like a dry track. πŸ˜†






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