Driver Journal Intro and Brentwood karting first league race!

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Claudia Bushby
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Hello everyone,
My name is Claudia Bushby, I am 14 and I race rental karts in the Club 100 Super Lightweight, Brentwood race league and BP championships.
My previous experience is racing rental karts at Rye House in the cadet ones and I managed to get a win and 2 seconds which got me to the point where I wanted to race at different tracks and with harder people racing to help me with gaining some experience.
Anyway, I had my first league race in karts that were 10 mph faster than I have been before with only a couple practice days under my belt with 50 other drivers.
Qualifying: p16 (last)
The format is 5 minute warm up and then a one lap quali and unfortunately I pushed a little too hard in the first and second corners and brushed with the barrier so it didn't fill me with much confidence. Also the conditions were quite slippery but warmed up to dry as the day went on.
Heat 1: p15
Next, we went straight into the first heat and I couldn't see the lights because the driver in front of me was so tall. So I got a terrible start and struggled to keep up with everyone else and eventually got lapped so it was very tough but still hung on and luckily I wasn't last due to a driver going straight under the tyre barriers.
Heat 2: p16
After a quick break, we headed into the second heat where I started 8th. For the start, I immediately went to the inside to try and gain as many positions as possible but I got squeezed in the middle of 3 wide and pushed to the outside of the track and ended up being last but I managed to keep up with the guy in front of me until I pushed too hard into the first couple of corners again and ended up getting two wheels in the mud and spinning round. Although there was a very long yellow flag afterwards which I think was a separate incident and we ended up into a single kart train. However, because of my incident before, I was lapped and then I wasn't sure to let the position through or not for the people behind me. We had 2 more laps and I just ended up being last.
D Final: p6
I started p10 so I was just going to try and do the best I could. On the first lap, I just held my position until the final corner when five karts went into a spin and I just drove around the outside of them all so I was p5. Then, in the second corner, someone went under the barrier and it went into a yellow flag where we went in a single file formation. We were probably under there for about 4 minutes so then we got racing again and I saw the person in front of me just forgot to turn and went under the barrier so obviously that was really annoying and after that was cleared up we went green for 1 lap and a half and I didn't see that the person behind was sizing up a move in the third corner so they caught me by surprise and then I held p6 for the rest of the race.

Tough overall but it was great fun and learnt a lot.
Big thanks to Brentwood karting and Dan for holding the event.
Next is the Club 100 test!

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Reactions: Adam
Great start to a journal guys!

I started my Karting days at Brentwood, when the 'old' track was there. Good memories!
@Adam Wow cool! What was the track like?
@Adam Wow cool! What was the track like?

Very different to what it is now if I'm not mistaken. I was around 7 or 8 years old at the time. I'm not even sure when they changed the track tbf?

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