News Host Migration, Sorry For The Downtime!

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Host Migration

First off I'm really sorry for the recent downtime we have had the past few weeks, it's been getting quite consistent. I have had a few moments of madness shouting at my screen :confused: enough was enough! Maybe you guys did too?

We made the jump a few days ago to switch hosting companies to Krystal Hosting. We are now powered by a more modern and better service than we was before. You'll notice (hopefully) the lack of any down time and a much more responsive and speedy We also have loads of rooms to stretch our every growing legs now.

I have also manged to enabled a few features which will enhance your experience, one being Push Notifications straight to your support device, just like a Whatsapp or SMS. I have yet to do much testing, but it works quite well so far. Of course, your choice if you want to enable it or not.

A big big THANKYOU to the guys over at Krystal Hosting for all their help and fantastic service so far. These guys have given us a shiny new home in the cloud somewhere! Steven, Jack, Max, Kris, Aron, James (I think that's it?).

You can get a discount on your Krystal Hosting package by using the referral code "KARTINGFORUMCOUK" at the checkout!

Trade Updates
Well we have had a few great things posted by our Trade Members recently. The first thing we'd like to mention is @TrackCraft and their amazing bespoke motorsport based trophies etc, check them out in their Trade section. Keep up the good work Wayne! Next up is the mighty @JMWForecast with their recent addition of an Android app! You'll find that in their Trade Section too. Giving you all the best info for weather strategy and much more, constantly evolves every week which goes by. @JMWForecast also power our Kart Circuit Directory page which is currently under construction, more to come from that soon! We have also got new additions like @MK Racewear and @Clay Kart Shop which should start promoting soon. A big THANKYOU to all you guys on our Trade promotions forum!

Final Notes
Thanks for supporting! Together we are expanding...great things to come!:cool:
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Finally moved did you :)
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He kept moaaaning....:censored:
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Finally moved did you :)

So glad I made the move fella! Such a big difference already (y) :cool:

There are also alot more useful features unlocked in their cPanel. You can see all the resources your account is using etc too. Support and migration was spot on :giggle:
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