Technical Honda gx 160 rpm engine

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geriant mills

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Geriant mills
hi any help welcome

I have just purchased a zip cadet kart for my son .
The magnum race clutch had a lot side play sounds dreadful.
At full revs have big back pressure through the exhaust on lift off it had rpm sp engine any help thank you
There should be a little bit of sideways play in a Magnum Clutch. Depending on which way it's been mounted they MAY have forgotten a washer.

If it's popping and banging when you've revved it, that's also fine. You should be more worried about it if it doesn't...
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Thank you for reply
Just wanted check before any damage is caused if something was wrong
Thank you . ๐Ÿ‘
Thank you for reply
Just wanted check before any damage is caused if something was wrong
Thank you . ๐Ÿ‘what
What you should be hearing when it's warmed up, on the ground and ready to go out is an intermittent metallic pinging sound which indicates the clutch is just about at the engagement RPM. If it's constant you'll need to turn the idle screw on the carb to reduce the RPM.
Good to hear that.
Used to be about 1800-2200 rpm on the floor to be pinging the clutch ready to go
The mag clutch does have a lot of side ways play to allow for the chain moving but you can add an extra washer between the clutch and engine to reduce this.
The Honda GX engine will always burp and fart after acceleration whether a clubman or SP engine
Remember that the kart will flex in the corner so some play will stop thr chain being stretched too much. We only ever used the single larger chamfered washer on the inside and there was play never had an issue with it

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