Off-Topic Heart attack/ bucket list.

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Peter j

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Peter Johnson
Ever since I was 14 I've wanted a Villiers 210, I've wanted to drive one just to see what it's like.

I had. 100cc, then fitted a tuned ke125 engine....

I've started thinking about my bucket list, so thought I could gradually collect parts!

I always remember when I was younger seeing a tz250 powered kart, reverse cylinders, extra fat tyres too, about 3" wider than the kart tyres now, in a dusty barb storage for a kart dealer.....he wanted Β£250! Unbelievable.

I went to look at a210 with my dad, it was in a bedsit!
I wanted it, it was Β£300 I think, spare engine too!


Feel free to give sympathy btw......

It was also only Β£15 for a days practice at the track back then, now it's Β£55 and you don't get free use of the track, they give you slots.....that's no good!
I intend to break down every 3 laps, it's a Villiers!

They used to say that they knew when I had been out on my karts- my kart left a trail of parts !
Poor thing was obviously wanting to find its way home!

I crashed into a tyre wall at 50+ mph.....
Bounced off and landed over the other side of my kart, bent seat posts with my ribs!
No injuries at all!
Just couldn't breathe!

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