General Front Bumper repairs,

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Mark Patterson

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Bognor Regis West Sussex
Mark Patterson
hi team,

can anyone suggests techniques and materials for repairing damage like this to the underside of front bumpers?
front bumper damage.jpg
front bumper damage.jpg
I'd be looking at buying new. That's pretty significant damage and if you ever wanted to race it, the scrutineer wouldn't be very keen.
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Id definitely say you need a new one.

once they get a hole in them they are normally a scrutinising fail.
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Yeah as above I wouldn't repair that at all. On occasion I have used CT1 to fix a SMALL hole. And save a bit of money on race day. Buy ideally any holes in bodywork is a safety and scrutinising/rule issue. Just get new tbf!
Know that one from junior - have given up to repair these bigger damages, but you could use construction foam to stabilize the internal and then some plastic padding for the finish - then you can continue to use it for practice runs.

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