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Hi All,

so I’m actually a late bloomer to the karting scene, starting in hire karts at bayford meadows. It took literally 2 practice days and 1 race day in hire karts before I bought 2 go karts off a friend (a big leap I admit). Having seen the competition in BMKR, I decided to use the karts I had to practice as much as possible to get my times to within a couple of seconds of the race pace. To get my race craft up I entered the hire kart championship at Bayford Meadows coming 8th overall in my first year with a second place in round 4. I’ve carried this on for the last two years becoming a more consistent driver and a better racer, whilst also doing owner driver practice days and the occasional marshaling.

roll on to 2022 and I’ve decided that this is my year to go for it….3 championships this year

Bayford Meadows super pro 270 - my social event for the month that I don’t have to take too seriously anymore.
club 73 - my way of getting to other tracks in the country and competing with a broader range of ability racers
BMKR max 177 - the end goal…the life dream…. What all the work has been for.

results so far
superpro - 4th overall
club 73 - 6th overall (I expect this won’t last too long considering my two best tracks are now done with)
max 177 - 11th overall (I’m no longer last 😂)

here’s a bunch of images of my journey so far


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Round 6
Bayford superpro 270
Race one - didn’t like the kart at all but still delivered a 59 second lap, in with a bunch of fast drivers so I knew my chances weren’t going to be good, qualified 5 and remained there

Race two - another terrible kart which left me starting near the back of the grid,
Race three - finally got myself a decent kart and was able to compete, had a battle with another lad pretty much the whole way round after he overtook me into turn one, ended up 3rd but loved the battle anyway

Club 73

What a disaster not only did I finish second to last but was overtaken by the whole grid, 3 factors to this 1) I’m still in the top class of drivers 2) I haven’t been on buckmore parks track in years so completely unfamiliar 3) the kart I was in was terribly slow with it finishing either last or second to last every race (also it was always getting lapped)


Qual - went out with the choke on qual 15 found I had bogging down out of the corners

Race 1 - got up to 11th after a big accident into the second corner then failed spinning into turn ended up finishing 16

Race 2 - before the race started I decided to make a few changes and unfortunately noticed a bit to late that the clutch drum was broken, thanks to the help of Leon I got to the grid with mere seconds to spare so started 16 and decided to just try and finish this race, unfortunately coming into the first hairpin I was dive bombed and taken out after making up 4 places due to another collision, bumper dragging along the floor i angrily made my way into parc ferme, after being cooled to the stewards I calmed down but some really aggressive moves made and none of them by me

Final - again starting in 16 i aimed to just finish the race without incident, got through the first few corner unscathed and making up positions on Lee hawley, James o reily, Alan cool, Stuart Hatcher, Jason bear. after Matt hickson and Oliver moss got stuck together in turn 3 on lap 2,

Gaining one position after letting through Jason Cole. Stayed in 10th for 5 laps before losing a place to Jason bear putting me back to 11th with Stuart Hatcher catching me up due to tyres falling off the cliff, gained 2 places after a coming together of Luke Bailey and Jason Cole effectively putting them out of the race giving me 9th place…thank you very much for the points


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So after 6 rounds current standings for me are

superpro 12th - missed two rounds
club 73 pro class 9th - totally in the wrong class
rotax max 177 11th - no excuses here just rubbish driver haha

my main goal is to get top ten in all my championships, with three rounds left this is going to be tough
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Round 7

Super pro

Not a good superpro for me in terms of points but the racing was brilliant, I was in the first 3 heats which left no time at all to breath in between, all of the top drivers were about and top 5 in the heats was certainly the best I could hope for

Club 73

This month sent us to lakeside for round 7, having had a string of poor performances in the A final I finally am where I belong….in the B final, after watching D and C final with some brilliant battles it was B finals turn. Lakeside has half the track flat out and the other half is slow technical corners and hair pins. I was starting in 14 (out of 15) and as soon as the lights turned green 15th place super lightweight shot through like a rocket…I also attempted the same and fell short of the front pack due to weight. I made 1 place off the start and settled into the race, after an off from a front runner I made up another place putting me in 12th. Next lap saw me make up a place and lose it again when the quick driver come back through. From lap 8 to 22 I had the race of my life battling my friend Barry, he knew exactly where to put the kart to make it difficult for me and I tried all sorts of different lines to find an advantage finally finding one on the bottom corner. From then on it was a chase for the next driver, closing the gap and getting past this one was easy, doing so in just 7 laps, from there on it was smooth sailing all the way to the chequered flag.

Qualifying - started off very very slippery and found myself behind a Kent cup driver number 111, I stuck on his bumper all qualifying which hampered my best times having to brake sharply to ensure I didn’t get a drop nose. Giving me a qualifying result of 48.56s putting me 13 of 19

Race 1 13 - 18

After starting 13 I got span out of turn3/4 into the first hairpin, putting me all the way to the back of the grid (less the idiot that sent me there) pushed the kart into doing qualifying laps

Race 2

Started at the back of the pack with Gerry a few places in front, after a piss poor start a couple of offs saw me come up the ranks to 11 hunting down Gerry and Allan, Adam and Luke Bailey coming back through on the first hairpin, at the end managed to get the kart up to 12 with a little help from the out of place drivers
Fantastic race I wish it was the final

Final race started 12 - 14

Final started well but lost lots of place fast, kept with Adam only to lose him and get sunk back into a battle with Allan

Held him off all race barely but wasn’t happy with the kart at all this weekend


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You've been busy mate! I've been so busy work and life not had a chance to catch up on here.

Well done last meeting fella! It was a hard day for sure. I didn't get the setup right at all either, but learned a lot. I still need to do my Driver Journal!

Gona be good to look back on all these posts in years to come.

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