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August started on the cooler side, compared to the final day of July which struck a staggering 37.8°C at Heathrow, London. Yesterday we saw temperatures within London hit 26°C, before a forecast temperature of 23°C today.

The question is what does the week ahead have in store for us…

Monday 3rd August 2020:
Monday will see a fairly cool start compared to what we have witnessed in recent days, a low of 3°C in Scotland, with single figures creeping in across much of England and Wales, with Northern Ireland holding onto a few double figures similar to East Anglia. 21°C is expected within London during the peak, but the western and northern areas will struggled to break past 13°C.

A day of mostly light scattered showers across the western coast. It will remain mostly clear and dry for the rest of the United Kingdom.

Tuesday 4th August 2020:
An average overnight temperature of 8°C is expected, bringing an even cooler night than the one seen previous, this wont stop the hot air hitting the UK. Widespread twenties are expected, affecting Northern Ireland, Wales, Southern and Central England. Northern England will have a few twenties, with Scotland struggling again. 24°C in London.

A large area of rainfall is forecast to strike Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern England. This will bring prolonged moderate rainfall, which does have the risk of some isolated flooding, due to the hard dried out ground we have seen recently. There will be numerous showers affecting Wales and England, some of which to be moderate intensity.

Gusty conditions building for Northern areas as the large band of rain sweeps across the UK. This will bring gusts reaching 52 mph.

Wednesday 5th August 2020:
A mild night is on the cards with an average of 12°C being 4°C higher than Tuesday. Central and Eastern areas of England will see 25-26°C showing, with twenties spreading into some western areas, but cooler coastal temperatures. Northern Ireland holding onto those twenties. 27°C possible in London.

Another band of rain will make an appearance, affecting Northern Ireland and Scotland first. There will be moderate rainfall in this band, and it will track slowly south-east throughout the day. It’s progress will stop before it moves into south-east England, instead it will flow around the outer edge down across south-west England.

The gusty conditions will calm down by 07:00 in the morning, leaving mostly calm conditions to follow.

Thursday 6th August 2020:
Humid night with temperatures struggling to fall, with an average of 15°C overnight, beginning to show no rest in the muggy conditions. The chart data is showing an intense heating with London looking at 32°C, with widespread high twenties for England. Low to mid twenties elsewhere.

Thursday would see scattered showers across the western and central areas, during the early evening we do see a risk of thunderstorm develop for the west Midlands, and parts of the Midlands.

You can track any storms at: ( Thunderstorm Track - JMWForecast Limited )

Friday 7th August 2020:
Humid night, with an average overnight temperature of 17°C, parts of Southern England won’t fall below 20°C. 09:00 will see much of England into the high twenties/low thirties!! 12:00 to bring 34°C for London, definitely 30’s throughout England. 37°C for London. 34/35°C possible elsewhere across the Midlands. Mid-high twenties for Wales, SW England, Northern England. Lower twenties seen for Northern Ireland and Scotland.

There will be unusual super thin areas of rain across the UK. The storm risk will be building and there will be numerous thunderstorms developing across Wales and Western England. Intense unstable conditions will begin to develop across central Wales and SW England. These will intensify further across Central Wales and north-west England.

You can track any storms at: ( Thunderstorm Track - JMWForecast Limited )
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