General Anyone around Stoke on trent or surrounding area looking to go racing ?

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So, For a few years we had a luton van kitted out to carry 4 karts and all the equipment needed to go racing/practising and a friend of mine drove the van kept it at his home and maintained the karts etc between events but I paid for everything Karts Van Fuel Entry fees for racing/practising everything it did not cost him anything.
Due to a change in circumstances he can no longer do it, that van was getting past it and has recently been scrapped but I still have all the karts and equipment and am willing to get another van and do the same again so looking for someone who is open, honest and has some morals and not just looking to rip me off ideally local to stoke to do the same again, Ideally with good knowledge of maintaining karts and has a driving licence to drive a 3.5 ton luton van and has a safe place to keep the van.

Being in stoke there are no local kart tracks so we tend to go places like Fulbeck, Hooton park, Stretton, possibly three sisters but could go to others.
I used to have a go but not so bothered these days but my kids both race rotax max juniors or seniors so there could even be space for a dad and his lad both to race.
We have loads of mostly OTK karts with rotax max junior and senior engines so could use an engine in mini max or even get another chassis and run in micro max.

Don't get me wrong we are not talking all brand new latest and greatest equipment and all the bling to go with it but equipment and attitude do go out and enjoy some club racing or testing.

We are out at Stretton today.

please contact me if interested.

Thanks Lee.

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