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Hi whats the setting on the Alfano for the 4strokes in hrtz setting.
The big thing I found to getting proper reading on the GX160 was to tap in to the On/Off switch cabling. I believe this is the recommended method.
I created a Y piece with bullet connectors and tapped in to the existing bullet connector section
I can’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure it sparks at every rotation, so set it to 1, as one rotation = one spark. I didn’t think that was measured in Hrtz though. Someone on here will know for sure if the GX sparks every rotation. Here's the setup from Alfano:

Alfano Stroke.png

The GPS is measured in hertz and that is the amount of times a second you want the Alfano to measure your position.

10 hertz is 100 ms
5 hertz is 200 ms
2 hertz is all 500 ms
0 hertz is it off - so won't do speed or draw positioning data, just update the date/time
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RPM frequency and the RPM factor????


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Ok that’s a new setting for me. Im referring to the RPM Factor in my post (the engines stroke).
I can’t see it in the manual so again my guess would be the same as the GPS settings and this is the accuracy of the rpm data recording. So if you want to see changes in your rpm to the value of 0.1 seconds then use 10 hertz but if 0.5 is good enough then use 2 hertz. That will save space on your memory (as there is less data) and battery.

When I ran mine for the 24h I used 2 hertz to save space and battery
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The RPM frequency goes 10
Or 50. Its working fine but wanted to make sure i have it set up correctly so that the data is correct to make the relevant changes to sprockets etc
50 is 0.05 so they’ve obviously got better accuracy with the Alfano 6!

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