General 2023 Class Changes - Is our kit worthless?


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I have had a quick look through and didn't see anything obvious, so I apologise if I have missed something.

We have 2 x Project One Honda Cadet karts, one is a 2012 chassis with T1 GX160. Whilst I appreciate the value of this wouldn't be huge, it was perfect for us getting in to the Rye House IKR series. My son got within 110% of the front runners on this (it was my rule to allow him to join the series!). We also have a 2016 chassis where the homologation finishes at the end of this year.

As Riley is changing to Mini/Junior Rotax for 2023, I was hoping that I would be able to sell off certainly the 2012 (possibly the 2016 if my youngest isn't interested) chassis to put funds towards the OTK chassis for next year. Whilst the IKR series aren't too fussed about valid homologation this gives our chassis some value, but with the MSUK '23 regs moving to a 950 chassis (rolling until the 900's homologation have all expired), has this essentially made our 2 chassis worthless?

This isn't me having a go at the move to a 950, just trying to work what to do with the end of the year approaching and trying to raise funds for next year. Might get in touch with Mike Brewer and see if I can get on WD Dream Cars to get him to trade up from a Honda Cadet to Junior Rotax.....
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The changes won't directly affect you apart form the fact that there will be many more 900 chassis 2nd hand.
Starter karts will still be needed/wanted and a 2016 would be a bit old to race with so drivers looking to compete would be looking for newer kit anyway.

Still a market for it, just depends on how many newer karts are for sale. T1 is too old now but again, still something good to start on.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks, yeah they'd make great starters for sure. Will see what's about when we've finished the season(s) and see what we can get for them
Thanks, yeah they'd make great starters for sure. Will see what's about when we've finished the season(s) and see what we can get for them
you should come up to Whilton one wednesday and try an MS Kart as I think they are like the big kart equivalent of a project one.
Fast but unlike OTK and its derivatives can take a knock and will last more than 3 months before reframing........and cheaper as well.
We're up there on Sunday so he can have a look at the track before he needs to be relatively quick on it in a couple of weeks.

He likes Junior Prokart, he likes the GX engine, I know Red Lodge run a Junior Prokart grid, but it seems Mini/Junior Rotax are more accessible for Rye, Red Lodge, Bayford, Buckmore and Lydd which he wants to do next year.

Will admit I fancy a Prokart myself... But then the kid would miss out ๐Ÿคฃ
prokart is an IKR class now, so if you want to do MSUK racing you'd need to be Rotax or Iame.

Are you doing the meeting at the end of the month?
If you've never driven there before it'll take a little while to get up to speed.

Here's a link to my last visit in Cadets for the British Champs...... should show you some lines and patience until the flag

WMKC Hondas S1

And here's one in Senior that gets a bit energetic

WMKC Senior X30
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