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  1. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Website Updates - Kart Directory

    Good Evening, There has been numerous changes throughout the website, to increase compatibility with mobile devices. This had brought more optimised images to lessen data usage, and speed up website loading times. The main pages has seen the new logo added to the site, along with menus. This...
  2. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Website | Development & Updates

    Good Evening All, I hope that you are all staying well, and staying as active and sane as possible during these challenging times, that all of us face. I am here to re-assure you that JMWForecast remains very much open for business, and will continue to issue general UK forecasts, even though...
  3. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Website Development

    Good Evening, There is the possibility of downtime on the website, and content not loading as expected as website development takes place this coming weekend. For those that have visited the website this evening, will have noticed a new homepage to welcome viewers. The new homepage bringing a...