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  1. Technical Tyre Sniffer

    Hello guys. Just looking for some more information on how different karting clubs operating in the UK keep check on the tyres that people run in control classes e.g Prokart and cadet classes. Where Iā€™m racing at the minute there is strong suspicion that certain people are prepping their tyres...
  2. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Everything You Need To Know About Go Kart Wheels

  3. Wanted WANTED - B'Stone YDS & YDK Tyres Used

    Any one have a used set of the above tyres for sale ? Will pay for shipping or collect if local to West Midlands. Thanks.
  4. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Getting under the rubber! (Technique) How to improve your on track speed!

    Getting under the rubber! (Technique) How to improve your on track speed!
  5. Technical Wheel and Tyre Info

    Guys, are all tyres the same size on prokarts? Im wanting a spare set or two as one of the karts seems to be loosing pressure on a front and back wheel. Some hubs as well so we can be a bit more prepared and avoid going home early. The pic shows whats on the black one. Its quite frustrating...
  6. FJB54

    Technical LeCont tyre pressues

    Good Morning everyone, Just wondering what tyre pressures everyone is running? Thank you