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  1. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Install An AiM Mychron 5 Go Kart Data Logger

  2. Adam

    Karting Tutorial A Beginner's Guide To Setting Up Your Go Kart

  3. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Everything You Need To Know About Go Kart Wheels

  4. Adam

    Karting Tutorial How To Clean and Change Your Go Kart Chain

  5. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Rotax Pre Season Race Prep

  6. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Kart Wet Set Up The Easy Way

  7. Adam

    Karting Tutorial IAME X30 Race Preparations

  8. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Pre Race Prep A Vortex Mini Rok Engine

  9. Adam

    Karting Tutorial EXPLAINED: Tony Kart Torsion Bars

  10. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Install Go Kart Stickers Top 4 Tips

  11. Adam

    Karting Tutorial HOW to DEAL with DIRTY DRIVERS!!

  12. Adam

    Karting Tutorial 4 TIPS for Leading a GO KART RACE

  13. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Petrol Tank Maintenance

    Petrol Tank Maintenance Something often overlooked, but it shouldn't be really; it is strapped to the kart between your legs after all! How to keep your petrol tank it tip top shape and prevent any nasty spillages or accidents. If any of items are split or damaged etc, renew them! Remember...
  14. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Kart Tyre Pressures Explained

    This video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.
  15. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Bleed Your Tony Kart Brakes The Easy Way

  16. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial Installing Kart Graphics

    In this video, Eric Gunderson from Point Karting.com walks you through how to install kart graphics properly on a racing kart. Many new racers struggle at first when applying graphics, but it's really down to preparation of the surfaces, patience, and a little heat!