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  1. 97Lewis

    General LMR 20% off

    LMR kart store are offering 20% off!!
  2. 97Lewis

    Wanted Bambino Frame

    Looking for a bambino frame. Any condition as I'll have it jigged and re sprayed.
  3. LMR

    Trade Promotion New in: OTK 401 parts, Kelgate brakes & more

    Hey guys, Check out this weeks new additions here: ( New Additions ) Kelgate KA4 Brake System: ÂŖ359.99 Frixa OTK BS5 Brake Pad Set: ÂŖ34.99 OTK 401S Magnesium Sprocket Carrier: ÂŖ44.99
  4. Adam

    Karting Tutorial TonyKart Master Cylinder Rebuild

    This video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.