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  1. General TKM Jnr 100cc Kart engine..

    Hi am kinda new to Karting, l recently bought a TKM jnr 100cc kart for my son but have decided to swap engine for a rotax jnr. As they don’t run TKM class at local track. I was hoping to sell the TKM jnr (direct drive) engine complete with exhaust, carb, loom etc ... Can anyone give me an idea...
  2. F100

    Trade Promotion Buckmore Park is Back!!!!

    To enter the event, click here
  3. For Sale ***SOLD*** Senior TKM TAG Engines for sale

    I have 2 senior TKM TAG engines for sale both engines are 7 series and will come with a carb, airbox, exhaust, wiring loom, battery and battery box. 1st senior engine BT7579T has just had a full rebuild by Jade so will need running in first. price Β£1350 ono 2nd senior engine BT7465T has 8 hours...
  4. LE#99

    For Sale Tal-Ko TKM Outfit for Sale

    Tal-Ko TKM Outfit for Sale All complete as per photo, just needs air filter. Β£995-00 Open to offers Can collect from Daventry, Whilton Mill, Shenington, PFI or Kimbolton. Contact Jack Dex on 07909 755 656 or or
  5. F100

    Trade Promotion The F100 Gold Cup - GYG

    Last call for GYG entries this weekend. Please help us to support MBKC at GYG by securing your entry asap. For all of your favourite classic F100 Classes:- Pre 2004 TKM (100cc or 115cc) Pre 2000 Formula A Pre 95 Formula A Pre 89 Formula A Aqua (Unrestricted Formula Blue) Head over to our...
  6. Paul Inglesfield

    Driver Journal Alpha Sura Racing

    After a collarbone break, and COVID19 we finally begin our journey into the world of karting.
  7. 100UK

    Trade Promotion Updated 2020 Calendar - 100UK the original nod to 90s TKM karting

    Updated Calendar for 2020 following worldwide event. Our 2020 championship has been carried over to 2021 and replaced for 2020 with the Classic Cup 3 from 4 event count Podium Prizes and the Cup win get a set of new tyres
  8. Kart Directory UK

    Sold MAXXIS Wet Tyres

    9 month old tyres, never hit the circuit.
  9. Kart Directory UK

    Sold 1M TKM DD Flex

    Unused 1M TKM DD Flex from Talko end of 2019.
  10. Rushy

    Technical Help needed on colour!!!

    Afternoon everyone, Whilst in this uncertain period I have taken the opportunity to strip down and rebuild my 2000 deavinson sprint (confirmed by Alan turney) the only thing I'm struggling with (even after speaking to Sean Deavin s) is what colour this is. I know that it is a genuine colour...
  11. Kart Monkey Garage

    For Sale TKM ka100

    For sale and fully rebuilt using all new parts, very quick and reliable motor