rpm honda engine

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  1. For Sale Honda GX160 SP β€˜Rita’

    FOR SALE - Honda GX160 SP (RPM) β€˜Rita’ As it’s our last year in Honda Cadet, we are starting to sell some of our equipment now as the season progresses. For sale is one of Joshua Graham’s Honda GX160 SP motors. Recent rebuild by RPM to current specs. This engine is reading just over 7hp on...
  2. For Sale Very Strong Honda Cadet Engine for sale with a mean of 7.00 on RPM dyno

    Excellent engine and always maintained to the highest standard. This engine has a proven pedigree with a previous top 10 in Super One and incredible torque through the whole range. Can compete at British Champs level and happy to provide a dyno comparison against any other engine or arrange a test.
  3. Bartletts Racing

    For Sale Two Zip Vanquish Karts with strong RPM Engines and Spares Package

    Two complete Rolling Chassis, virtually identical, 2017 Zip Vanquish Cadet Karts. One has been recently checked/straightened/rebuilt and won the last event we entered before the lockdown. The other has just been checked /straightened/rebuilt and has not been used since. They are both ready to...