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  1. For Sale 2018 Redspeed OTK Kart package with a Senior Rotax Evo complete engine

    Spotless 2018 Redspeed Kart package with a Senior Rotax Evo complete engine *READY FOR COMPETITIVE RACING* KART: Kart is a 2018 401s OTK chassis and is very well looked after with no expense spared; always maintained to high standards. No cracks or welds to be seen with very minimal...
  2. Billywatts

    Driver Journal Billy Watts #51

    Been meaning to do one of these for a while, finally gave into @Adam ‘s persuading 😂 Introduction - My first year back in karting for 7 years, racing in the 177 rotax class at BMKR and some on off rounds in the LIKC. Now that we are 4 rounds into the championship at bayford and currently...
  3. lidge

    Technical evo exhaust on pre evo engine?

    hi all can i put an evo exhaust on a pre evo engine? i can get a new evo exhaust from a mate for alot cheaper than i can get a new pre evo one. would this be ok?
  4. SaitMotorsportLtd

    For Sale Ex-Team Sale!

    Hello KartingForum! Sait Motorsport have a variety of equipment available for immediate purchase. Karts, engines, tyres, LOADS! Here's some of the things we've got available... 2020 Compkart Covert 3.0 - One day’s use. 2019 Compkart Covert 3.0 - Ex-demonstrator. 2021 Compkart Covert 3.0 -...
  5. Paul Inglesfield

    For Sale Go Kart - Rotax Junior Max - Tony Kart

    ***FOR SALE*** Rotax Junior Max Kart. Track ready Go Kart. Complete Kart with thousands of pounds worth of spares and accessories. Carb and Engine cleaned and rebuilt August 2020 with less than 5 miles of track time since. Comes with spare slicks, and wets, and trolley. Lazer Aligner, and...
  6. For Sale Retirement package sale - Tony kart 2017 401s with senior evo rotax

    Full set up for sale due to retirement. 2017 (late) Tony Kart 401S with senior evo rotax engine 16 hrs from new brought from Robinson sport and 2 hours running since a top end rebuild with George Robinson (Will come with a jog book).The kart has done 1 practice day since it was jigged by Attaq...
  7. Lgrantham87

    For Sale Intrepid silverstone junior kart

    Hi all I am selling my 2009 intrepid silverstone junior kart. I brought this kart as a job lot along with some other karts but have no need for it. The engine is a rotax max 125 junior which starts and runs sweet. It was built by jag and has the seal still intact. The chassis is in excellent...
  8. Alonslow

    Technical Rotax Evo Float Height

    Hi all can someone tell me what float height should be used for an evo carb? Good to hear people’s experience in adjusting this also. Thanks
  9. Lgrantham87

    Technical Rotax Dd2 water pump

    Hi all Bit of advise needed before I go at it like a bull in a China shop. Rotax dd2 engine the water pump is leaking what looks like out of the tell tale hole. My question is do you have to split the casing to replace the shaft seals or can it be done by just removing the outer pump housing...
  10. Alonslow

    Wanted Rotax flap radiator

    After a good condition flap radiation for rotax.
  11. For Sale Bambino and rotax snr package

    Dad and lad package for sale (other genders available) Bambino and rotax senior Mine and my boys karts for sale genuine reason for sale as I'm looking at getting my boy a Wright kart or I'd have kept the rotax. The bambino is a 2012 birel with a comer c50 (untagged) perfect for starting out...
  12. Billywatts

    Technical Bayford 177 rotax max

    Hiya everyone, Anyone know what sort of gearing I’d be look at for bayford Medows for 177 rotax ?
  13. For Sale 2018 Kosmic kart package junior rotax

    Late 2018 ex Jason lockwood kr sport kosmic. Ran for the last few meetings of 18 and kept for spare personal kart through 2019. Ran sparsely due to covid. Motor has been rebuilt by hrs with selected xh evo barrel, evo piston rod and crank dyno with after Xmas. Sealed 4 hours use and full evo kit...
  14. General Looking to buy a kart - does anyone know the min weight of a Rotax Senior Kart?

    Hi all Apologies if this has been asked before, but could anyone help with the minimum weight of a Rotax Senior kart (or similar)? I am looking to purchase one in the near future but the only viable option for transporting is a roof rack - the max roof weight on my Golf GTI is 75kg. I was...
  15. Team13Karting

    For Sale Senior Rotax Short Engine

    Senior Rotax short motor. Has only done 2 hours maximum since a full rebuild by P1 including piston and rings set, piston pin, small end, crank seals, water pump seals, water pump pinion, conrod complete, bottom end bearing set and all gaskets and seals. Very well looked after, strong little...
  16. LMR

    Trade Promotion New in: Snr Rotax engine, Alfano pro & more

    Hey guys, Check out this weeks new additions here: ( New Additions ) Alfano Pro: £119.99 Snr Rotax Engine JAG Sealed: £335.99 CSK Floor Tray Bolt Kit: £6.30 Adapters for Brake Bleeding Tower: £11.99
  17. LeeAllonby

    For Sale Rotax max prevo senior engine package

    Gauging interest on my engine package, I've only had it for a year but now looking to upgrade to an evo. Strong engine, rebuilt and sealed by John Crookes at Revolution racing but is due a top end rebuild. Complete with jag tag and logbook, exhaust, loom and airbox. Will not come with battery...
  18. 97Lewis

    General LMR 20% off

    LMR kart store are offering 20% off!!
  19. For Sale Otk FA victory

    If interested contact me on: Up for sale is Otk rolling chassis in very good condition with complete bodywork. Its good for rotax engine. Comes with braking system, sprocket, wheels, steering wheel, and seat. The kart was used with honda gx200- 6.5hp on indoor track so its...
  20. Perfectpete

    Technical Flooding carb on pre evo Rotax 125

    Restoring a 2002 solo kart and Rotax engine. Have rebuilt carb with new float needle and seat, all new jets etc. Mikuni pump also overhauled and working well. Problem is the carb floods the engine so I cannot get it to run right - it's as if the float needle is not sealing off and the pump is...