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  1. LMR

    Trade Promotion New in: Snr Rotax engine, Alfano pro & more

    Hey guys, Check out this weeks new additions here: ( New Additions ) Alfano Pro: £119.99 Snr Rotax Engine JAG Sealed: £335.99 CSK Floor Tray Bolt Kit: £6.30 Adapters for Brake Bleeding Tower: £11.99
  2. LeeAllonby

    For Sale Rotax max prevo senior engine package

    Gauging interest on my engine package, I've only had it for a year but now looking to upgrade to an evo. Strong engine, rebuilt and sealed by John Crookes at Revolution racing but is due a top end rebuild. Complete with jag tag and logbook, exhaust, loom and airbox. Will not come with battery...
  3. 97Lewis

    LMR 20% off

    LMR kart store are offering 20% off!!
  4. For Sale Otk FA victory

    If interested contact me on: Up for sale is Otk rolling chassis in very good condition with complete bodywork. Its good for rotax engine. Comes with braking system, sprocket, wheels, steering wheel, and seat. The kart was used with honda gx200- 6.5hp on indoor track so its...
  5. Perfectpete

    Flooding carb on pre evo Rotax 125

    Restoring a 2002 solo kart and Rotax engine. Have rebuilt carb with new float needle and seat, all new jets etc. Mikuni pump also overhauled and working well. Problem is the carb floods the engine so I cannot get it to run right - it's as if the float needle is not sealing off and the pump is...
  6. Sold For sale is a 2017 Octane rolling chassis in very good condition

    (No engine) Rolling chassis with IMAF seat, new brake pads, updated steering column and new bearings fitted and not used since. Straight clean chassis with no welds. Never been raced only ever used for practice/fun, comes with 2 sets of silver jet rims one has used mojo wets on them. Needs a new...
  7. Simonn

    For Sale Brand new spark plugs to suit rotax max

  8. For Sale CRG KT2 Late 2017

    Hi all, Considering putting my chassis up for sale! Have a new chassis on the way CRG KT2 Front bearings replaced (30th August) Rear bearings replaced ((30th August) Rose jointed replaced Stub axle bearings replaced The smallest of rubbing on the underside! Skid plates always used! Has...
  9. For Sale Rotax Retirement Sale, Everything you need, Evo Kart and Trailer and loads

    I have for sale a complete retirement sale; my son is 15 and has decided he wants to move over to cars. I have for sale the complete package that is built on a 2019 ex Race Team chassis together with a Junior recent rebuilt Rotax Evo setup, this was recent refreshed by DG racing and it had about...
  10. For Sale 2018 OTK Kosmic Kart Complete

    Can spilt if it’s at the right price Comes with everything you see in the pictures, maintained regardless of cost and sold as a retirement package everything you need to race very fast package. Also comes with almost brand new mychron 5 absolutely no flattening to the underside of the chassis...
  11. MattHildred26

    Sold Mychron Temp Sensor

    Mychron M10 Temo sensor and patch lead. Suitable for the Mychron 3/4/5
  12. Adam

    Rotax Evo Jetting App

    Anybody use the Rotax Evo Jetting App? It seems to have quite rough reviews from saying way too rich to way to lean? But yet some say it's fantastic!? Any experiences across the classes in using it? Advice...
  13. Trying to identify this part. Rotax fr125 pre evo

    HI there, Just doing basic maintenance on my rotax engine before I go out my first outing. Took the chain guard off to lubricate the chain and see this casing behind the small sprocket is cracked. Could someone identify this part for me please so I can source another. While on the subject of...
  14. Paul Inglesfield

    Found Rotax Exhaust Mounting

    Hi, looking for an exhaust mounting kit for our Rotax Max exhaust! I know these are on ZipNorth for £35, but second hand would do.
  15. Sold OTK Kosmic Senior Rotax Max

    Immaculate 2018 OTK Kosmic Kart with sealed senior Rotax Max. This kart chassis has had a full and careful nut and bolt re-build, including a freshly powder coated frame in Kosmic Blue. It includes 2019 Nassau panel, brand new 2019 floor pan and graphic. It has many brand new parts including...
  16. Newbie questions regarding rotax FR125 pre evo

    Hi guys. Just purchased my first kart which is FA kart with rotax FR125 max engine. I’ve been trying to gather some information about maintenance and servicing of the engine but struggling to find much. As I have just purchased the kart I would like to change all fluids. Am I correct in saying...
  17. Sambooth23 gillard

    Sold Rotax max pre evo

    Rotax max senior pre evo sealed Complete engine Engine Upgraded clutch Very little use Radiator Power valve Airbox Carb 12.5 ven Coil Loom Exhaust
  18. For Sale Junior Rotax Engine

    Hasn't been used for a long time, was rebuild last time used. Not a lot of use. £300 for the complete engine. I'm in Shrewsbury.
  19. Adam

    Sold XPS Carb Cleaner 500ml (5 available)

    XPS Carb Cleaner 500ml (5 available). Price per 1x unit + postage. Genuine Rotax/XPS. See other listings for other products.
  20. Adam

    Sold XPS Break Cleaner 500ml (5 available)

    XPS Break Cleaner 500ml (5 available). Price per 1x unit + postage. Genuine Rotax/XPS. See other listings for other products.