rotax 177

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  1. Technical The new E10 fuel

    Hi all and many thanks for letting into your forums! What will the differents be with the new E10 fuel on my pre evo rotax senior? Many thanks J
  2. 97Lewis

    Driver Journal Lewis Holt-Brown

    I've finally got some time on my hands so I thought I'd at least make a start on a drivers journal. I've been hooked on karting ever since my old man took me for a look over tilbury...I started indoor karting on my 14th birthday (1998) and raced there - Rayleigh indoor karting for 2 years. I...
  3. Adam

    General 177 Buckmore Park - On-Board with Tom Lawson

    177 Buckmore Park - On-Board with Tom Lawson Great to see Karts going round Buckmore Park again! Check out Tom's YouTube Channel here.