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  1. Adam

    Karting Tutorial How To Start Professional GO KART Racing (What To Know Before Making The Investments)

    How To Start Professional GO KART Racing (What To Know Before Making The Investments)
  2. Adam

    General Bayford Meadows R5 - 14th/15th August

    Time to get booked in lads! @Billywatts @Gibby @Mike44Smart @97Lewis I wonder what the weather will be like? :LOL::ROFLMAO:
  3. Tarik

    Trade Promotion Racing Event Posters

    Need a poster for a racing event? contact me then! Offering cheap price you'll find nowhere else but here for members only!
  4. Arks4sparks

    General Changing Class

    Alright Fellow Racers So I used to race semi professional Corporate racing & I've owned 2 race kart's a Junior stratto's pro kart and a Briggs world Formula Semi tuned 15bhp , I'm now looking at getting back to the sport , and looking to do some open practice and possibly senior heavyweight...
  5. For Sale 2018 Kosmic kart package junior rotax

    Late 2018 ex Jason lockwood kr sport kosmic. Ran for the last few meetings of 18 and kept for spare personal kart through 2019. Ran sparsely due to covid. Motor has been rebuilt by hrs with selected xh evo barrel, evo piston rod and crank dyno with after Xmas. Sealed 4 hours use and full evo kit...
  6. tighewrattenracing_

    Driver Journal Tighe Wratten

    Hi my name is Tighe Wratten and i am 11 years old. I have been racing for over 5 years with a thorough passion throughout. I am looking for sponsorship to help me out along the way. If you are interested in sponsoring me please dm me on Instagram and we can work a deal.👍 my Instagram is...
  7. LeeAllonby

    General PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!!

    I have teamed up with MK Racewear to offer you the chance to win a voucher to spend in their kart clothing store! This is your number 1 stop for race suits, helmets, gloves and boots and all are fully MSUK compliant. The best part is there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!!! This year I have had the...
  8. Driver Journal Matt McClure Racing

    Follow my Instagram to keep up to date with my racing and sponsorship opportunities.