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  1. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial Installing Frame Protectors on a Kart

    If you have a kart, chances are you've scraped the underside of the chassis a time or two. It's time to protect it! One of the best choices any kart racer can make is to safe guard their investment with a set of chassis guards. In this episode of Karting Essentials presented by NKA and Point...
  2. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial Replacing the Cylinder Head Assembly on a Briggs 206

    Briggs 206 racers, this one is for you! If you've raced your Briggs & Stratton LO206 for any amount of time, chances are you've blown a head gasket, or experienced the need to address or inspect your cylinder head assembly. Sometimes, this necessitates replacing the gasket or the entire...
  3. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial Installing the Steering Shaft in a Kart

    We're building a go kart from the ground up! Join Eric Gunderson from PointKarting.com as he demonstrates how to assemble the DR Mini 18 from a largely bare frame into a full racing kart in this video series. In this video, we walk through the proper installation of the steering shaft and...
  4. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial A look at the Vortex Mini Rok Engine

    The Vortex Mini ROK is one of the fastest-growing kart engines in terms of popularity within the cadet / mini categories. In this video, Eric Gunderson from Point Karting.com takes an in-depth look at engine and components that make up this powerplant. Want more info about the Vortex Mini...
  5. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial Installing Kart Graphics

    In this video, Eric Gunderson from Point Karting.com walks you through how to install kart graphics properly on a racing kart. Many new racers struggle at first when applying graphics, but it's really down to preparation of the surfaces, patience, and a little heat!