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  1. LE#99

    Off-Topic Zero, Nothing to do with Karting but.....

    Hi Guys This post has nothing to do with karting but my dad's having a clear out and some of the finds that are up for sale are 1 x Porsche 964 seal grey interior (elec heated seats, rear seat cushions, door cards, rear shelf, rear side cards, carpet, window trim (bits on top of cards), window...
  2. Technical Rotax Clutch drum

    Hi there, Just bought a new clutch drum assy for my rotax 125 and noticed it is different to the old part. The new one is 1-2mm shallower and has a rib around the outside. Is one the so called ‘old style’, and if so are the clutch drums interchangeable??
  3. Wanted 124 rotax engine

    Hi I’m looking for any 124 air cooled rotax engine parts ,,, or complete engines ,, cash waiting Colin Mason 07533981608