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  1. General Safety / Quality question

    Hi We’re new to this. My 12 yr old son wanted to get into karting so we bought a 2018 OTK 401 with a Rotax Junior engine (restricted to Mini-max) via eBay. I spoke with the guy we bought it off before buying it, he was massively helpful and seems very genuine. It’s a great kart in good...
  2. For Sale 2018 KOSMIC with Evo Rotax and spares

    KOSMIC 2018 401s chassis with upgraded evo Rotax engine. Chassis is guaranteed straight, professionally checked and adjusted, paperwork to prove. No cracks or welds, original paint so nothing hidden Full evo kit including the latest CNC barrel, sealed engine with logbook, little use since...
  3. For Sale Kosmic Mercury S 2018 & Parts

    - The kart has been raced only at Ellough Park Raceway in the Ellough Park Kart Club championships in the Senior Rotax. It was bought near new with one race meeting on the rolling chassis end of 2018. - The engine was bought new half way through the Junior Rotax season in 2017 (raced on a...
  4. Adam

    Sold OTK MXJ's - Full Set - BNIB

    EDIT: NOW SOLD! OTK MXJ's - Full Set - BNIB Brand new in the box. 4x Rims inc. beed retainers and o-rings. !!Tyres NOT Included!! A surplus set of OTK MXJ's, brand new in the box. Exactly the same style set of wheels you see above wrapped in Maxxis Sports. Measurements Fronts - 130mm...
  5. LE#99

    Wanted OTK MXC & AXP Wheels Wanted

    Hi I’m looking for a rear wheel for both MXC and AXP sets of OTK wheels (I.e. 1 of each tyre). May consider full set of AXP but only need one MXC due to cost. DM me if you have anything please. TIA
  6. 97Lewis

    General Jecko seats 25% off

    Jecko have 25% off their old style seats!!
  7. 97Lewis

    General LMR 20% off

    LMR kart store are offering 20% off!!
  8. LMR

    Trade Promotion Get 20% off our eBay store!

    eBay are very kindly giving you 20% off our eBay store for the next 7 days, details below: Code: PURCHASE20 Min order value: £15 Max discount: £75 Offer ends: 23:59 on 19/11/20 View the store
  9. For Sale Otk FA victory

    If interested contact me on: kvrazhilov@gmail.com Up for sale is Otk rolling chassis in very good condition with complete bodywork. Its good for rotax engine. Comes with braking system, sprocket, wheels, steering wheel, and seat. The kart was used with honda gx200- 6.5hp on indoor track so its...
  10. For Sale 2017 Alonso Victory Senior Rotax Complete

    Early 2017 Alonso Victory in immaculate condition, very little use. No flat spots and always ran with chassis protectors. All OTK components, Euro bumper, Douglas black rims with D5’s ( Unipro not included) 2018 Senior Rotax Evo motor complete, good quick motor. 2 hours since new piston & dyno...
  11. LMR

    Trade Promotion New in: OTK 401 parts, Kelgate brakes & more

    Hey guys, Check out this weeks new additions here: https://www.lmrkartstore.com/collections/new-additions ( New Additions ) Kelgate KA4 Brake System: £359.99 Frixa OTK BS5 Brake Pad Set: £34.99 OTK 401S Magnesium Sprocket Carrier: £44.99
  12. Adam

    General OTK Tony Kart Viper - Corperate/Rental Kart

    https://www.tkart.it/en/features/otk-kart-group-presents-viper-the-first-rental-tony-kart/ OTK Kart Group presents Viper, the first “Rental” Tony Kart Well I didn't see that coming! But then again, you would of thought they would of jumped on this years ago! Tony Kart get into rental Karting...
  13. MattHildred26

    Sold OTK M7 Nassau Panel

    OTK M7 Nassau Panel in good condition.
  14. LMR

    Trade Promotion New in this week: OTK cadet parts, Kelgate GT4 brake system & more

    Hey guys, Check out this weeks new additions here: https://www.lmrkartstore.com/collections/new-additions ( New Additions ) Kelgate GT4 Brake System - £999.99 KG Cadet MK14 Bodywork Set - £44.99 Alto 50mm Rear Hub Set - £32.99
  15. For Sale 2018 OTK Kosmic Kart Complete

    Can spilt if it’s at the right price Comes with everything you see in the pictures, maintained regardless of cost and sold as a retirement package everything you need to race very fast package. Also comes with almost brand new mychron 5 absolutely no flattening to the underside of the chassis...
  16. Sold OTK Kosmic Senior Rotax Max

    Immaculate 2018 OTK Kosmic Kart with sealed senior Rotax Max. This kart chassis has had a full and careful nut and bolt re-build, including a freshly powder coated frame in Kosmic Blue. It includes 2019 Nassau panel, brand new 2019 floor pan and graphic. It has many brand new parts including...
  17. Adam

    General A new setup for 2020 - Bayford Meadows tomorrow!

    Big thanks for NextKarting for supplying me with a nice setup to get out there this year. Highly recommended! We are running in and testing at Bayford tomorrow. I'll have some stickers on me and if anybody wants to say hello, please do so (y) 🏁
  18. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Tony Kart Chain Guard Hacks

    This video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.
  19. Adam

    General Which OTK varient do you prefer?

    Just for fun; What do you prefer?
  20. Adam

    Found OTK Kosmic 401R Rolling (2018/2019/2020)

    Interesting to see what is available; Used OTK Kosmic 401R 2019, rolling. :) 🏁