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  1. Wanted Senior Evo Rotax package wanted.

    Hi guys. As it’s approaching the end of the season I’m wondering if anybody is selling up. Looking for a complete package as we are total beginners and have nothing. Modern chassis, a couple of engines & spares hopefully. Max budget Β£4500 Thanks πŸ‘
  2. 97Lewis

    Off-Topic Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year guys... Here's to a better new year hoping we can get out sooner rather than later!!
  3. Adam

    General A new setup for 2020 - Bayford Meadows tomorrow!

    Big thanks for NextKarting for supplying me with a nice setup to get out there this year. Highly recommended! We are running in and testing at Bayford tomorrow. I'll have some stickers on me and if anybody wants to say hello, please do so (y) 🏁