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  1. MK Racewear

    Trade Promotion MK Racewear Offers & Update

    Hope everyone's enjoying their karting so far this year, remember you can get either 10% off or free shipping by sending us a direct message via the forum. For those who already have your discount codes these are still active. We've been a bit quiet with updates recently but over the next few...
  2. LMR

    Trade Promotion 10% offer code for forum members

    Hey guys, Looking forward to getting involved on the forum. We're offering 10% off all orders on our web store for forum members, until the end of October 2020. To take advantage of this offer simply send us a message and we'll get back to you with your discount code. The code can be used...
  3. MK Racewear

    Trade Promotion Offer for members

    Whether you've brought from us before or would like to give us a try, forum members can receive either a 10% discount or free shipping, the choice is yours! Send us a message via the forum and we'll send you a code to use at the checkout. Offer ends on 31st December 2021...