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  1. General Idiots guide

    Afternoon all, I am looking to get into kart racing, just for fun. What kart is best to start with ? there are so many different types and names and as the title suggest I'll need the idiot guide. All help is gratefully received. Matt
  2. General New User Please Help

    Hello I have set up this account for me and my dad. I'm looking at getting into karting ,I'm trying to find out about the different classes and what sort of kart to buy. I'm 12 years old and quite tall so I think I would be better off getting a Junior kart rather than a Cadet. Any help or...
  3. Technical Newbie question about weld repairs

    Hello Newbie posting here. I've been looking at a seemingly decent 2nd-hand chassis for my son. The only issue is it has a welded repair where the seat strut/support meets the main frame. Is this a normal issue/repair i.e. nothing to worry about or should I be cautious about this when choosing a...

    General 7 year old newbie

    Hi All, my son (7) is new to the sport only being with his club since April 4th this year, but has shown great promise already. We are booked to attend the rookie racing weekend at the end of May and have the all inclusive hire package. Our current thoughts were to pay for the all inclusive...
  5. General Advice for junior karting (4yo)

    Hi all, brand new to the forum and I'm looking for advice. I've got a 4 year old who is car mad. When I say mad I mean mad, it's so impressive that he can name cars from the 60's! Anyway, he has shown an interest in karting having seen YouTube videos and won't stop badgering me to take him. The...
  6. Adam

    Karting Tutorial What You Need For Your First Day at The Go Kart Track

    This video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.