mojo w5

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  1. Adam

    General Mojo W5's back in stock at Dartford Karting

    For anybody needing some Mojo W5's, they are back in stock at Dartford Karting. They phoned me yesterday due to a back order I had placed weeeeks ago. Thankfully I did already managed to source some. Great customer service from Dartford as always πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ Just a heads up πŸ‘πŸΌ
  2. Adam

    Sold FREE - Used Set of Mojo W5 Wets

    A very well used set of Mojo W5 wets. FREE for collection or can post at buyers expense. Can also bring to Bayford on the 17th. Under the tread requirement to race on! But what with the shortage, these may get somebody out of trouble to do a few sessions testing on? SOLD SOLD SOLD
  3. Adam

    Technical Mojo W5 vs Maxxis SLW

    Anybody had any drive time on the two and can compare each tyre? Mojo costs Β£175 and Maxxis Β£130. So I assume there is gona be some difference? Maybe @GPchris98 ?
  4. Adam

    Technical Senior Rotax Wet Setup Advice

    General setup: Rears all the way in? Fronts all the way out? Front torsion bar in, out? 3rd bearing in, out? πŸ‘‡ Any advice on tyre pressures for wets (Mojo W5's) a'like please guys? Official spec says 14psi cold? But I've heard anything from 20psi, 30psi etc...