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  1. Adam

    Sold MyChron 5 GPS Karting Data Logger

    SOLD! AIM MyChron 5 GPS Logger with RPM & M10 Water Temp Here for sale I have our near mint condition AIM MyChron 5! We bought this unit late last year to use this year. This year the unit has been used for only just under 5hrs out on track over 6 test days. Screen is in near new condition...
  2. Sold MyChron 5, Boxed with Mount and Laptop Race Studio

    I have for sale my Mychron 5 complete with Steering Wheel Mount, temperature sensor and RPM lead and clip, this is boxed with no scrapes or dents. It also comes with an HP laptop configured with RaceStudio so you can download and compare RPM, speed, different tracks etc. It gives you all the...
  3. MattHildred26

    Sold Mychron 5

    Mychron 5, Comes with Box, Charger/Lead. Rpm cable and clip. Just back from AiM where it has had a firmware upload and screen replacement. (Invoice available) ÂŖ300
  4. MattHildred26

    Sold Mychron 4/ Steering Wheel

    Mychron 4/Steering wheel. Comes with Lap and Rpm Sensor. Good condition. ÂŖ200ono
  5. MattHildred26

    Sold Mychron 5

    Mychron 5 comes with box, charging Adaptor/lead, Rpm and Aim sticker. Just serviced by Aim UK