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  1. Adam

    News Software Updates & Renewals

    Software Updates & Renewals KartingForum.co.uk recently updated to the latest version of XenForo which is our premium community platform software of choice. And while we was upgrading we also took the time to update various expansions and add-ons we use to customise things to our needs. Server...
  2. Adam

    General Bayford Meadows Kart Club 2022 DATES!

    Looks like Ian has confirmed we are still running Maxxis Sports too. No confirmation on wets yet. And the Kent Championship will finally return! Confirmation of 2022 Kart Club Meeting dates. February 19/20th - Warm up Meeting Bayford Meadows Championship Dates (9 Rounds) March 19th/20th April...
  3. Adam

    News Email issues and SSL cert errors

    Hi All! Just a quick heads up; if you guys are getting any issues with getting emails from KartingForum.co.uk or indeed any kind of errors while browsing the forum, then please accept our apologies. There is currently a small issue with our server/hosting company regarding SSL certs. All under...
  4. Adam

    Community Poll What devices do you use to browse KartingForum.co.uk?

    Any votes much appreciated! You can select more than one option ;) And what would you like to see added, removed or improved on KartingForum.co.uk while using your device of choice?
  5. Adam

    Expired Win A Copy Of KartKraft!

    KartingForum.co.uk Competition - Win a copy of KartKraft! Our First Competition Of 2021... Welcome to KartingForum.co.uk's first competition of 2021! To celebrate the fact we should all be back Karting soon, we are giving away a Steam Store digital copy of the PC game KartKraft! Get yourself...
  6. Adam

    Expired Get your Driver Promotion featured on our socials!

    Hello all, giveaway time! ;) For a limited time over this weekend, all Driver Promotions posted by you guys in our dedicated section here will be featured on our socials! This spans Facebook, Insta', Twitter & Pinterest, going out to our great social following. Sign up. Post a Driver...
  7. Adam

    News KartingForum.co.uk Gets Sticky!

    KartingForum.co.uk Stickers A little update on the sticker situation, sorry it's been a little bit of a wait. We now have our first trial batch of stickers in stock and ready to send out to those who want some. These are currently free! Ideal for your Kart, toolbox, trolley, race van, trailers...