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  1. Adam

    News Rejected Members & Emoji's Fixed

    Hi all, I hope you are all had a good Christmas and New Year! Just a quick update on my end; 1) We seemed to be having an issue with emoji's displaying correctly in menus etc, this now seems to be fixed (y):) 2) I also noticed in the log files we had around 10 members which got their...
  2. Adam

    News Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all! Have a good one everybody! Wishing you all the best for 2022 and beyond. Thanks for all the support for this place this year, it's been great. Hopefully the forum has helped a few people out and get into the...
  3. Adam

    General Motorsport UK License Renewals

    I got my renewal form through the post the other today, so I guess we can all start renewing in preparation for 2022! You can of course do it online too, save posting the form etc etc. Took me 5 minutes to log in and do it online at the cost of ÂŖ59.00. License has apparently been approved and...
  4. Adam

    General Race weekend!

    Looking forward to this weekend at Bayford Meadows. Have a good one all, wherever you may be racing/testing ;)(y)
  5. Adam

    News New Community Ranks, Trophies & Donations

    🏆 New Community Ranks, Trophies & Donations 🏆 Hello all! Sorry for the lack of news and updates. There has been major updates behind the scenes, of which I still need to issue an update post for. I'm always keeping things maintained and updated visually on a weekly if not daily basis. I'm...
  6. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Install An AiM Mychron 5 Go Kart Data Logger

  7. Adam

    Karting Tutorial How To Clean and Change Your Go Kart Chain

  8. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Rebuild Your Go Kart Brakes ft Tony Kart BSM Brakes

  9. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Rotax Pre Season Race Prep

  10. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Kart Wet Set Up The Easy Way

  11. Adam

    Karting Tutorial IAME X30 Race Preparations

  12. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Pre Race Prep A Vortex Mini Rok Engine

  13. Adam

    Karting Tutorial EXPLAINED: Tony Kart Torsion Bars

  14. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Install Go Kart Stickers Top 4 Tips

  15. Adam

    Karting Tutorial RACE DAY SURVIVAL SERIES: Episode 1 & 2

  16. Adam

    Karting Tutorial TOP 10 Tips for Racing

  17. Adam

    Karting Tutorial 5 THINGS I wish I KNEW EARLIER in my KARTING CAREER!!

  18. Adam

    Karting Tutorial HOW to DEAL with DIRTY DRIVERS!!

  19. Adam

    Karting Tutorial HOW to DRIVE different TIRE COMPOUNDS

  20. Adam

    Karting Tutorial 4 TIPS for Leading a GO KART RACE