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  1. Adam

    General Drill powered kart?!

    Well I have never seen something like this before...a drill powered Kart. 😄
  2. Adam

    News KartingForum.co.uk Gets Sticky!

    KartingForum.co.uk Stickers A little update on the sticker situation, sorry it's been a little bit of a wait. We now have our first trial batch of stickers in stock and ready to send out to those who want some. These are currently free! Ideal for your Kart, toolbox, trolley, race van, trailers...
  3. Adam

    Karting Tutorial How To Service The Rotax Senior Max Power Valve (By POWER REPUBLIC)

    Video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here. Can't really go wrong with Derek's videos, great information!
  4. For Sale Comer c50 engines x 2

    We are selling both JJ Lowes comer c50 engines They are MSA tagged, sealed & come with log books. The first engine we started out with from new from zip north has had the seals, bearings, rings, clutch springs, roller bearings & dellorto calibrated jets were all done/fitted 9.3 hours ago The...
  5. TheNoobKarter

    Karting Tutorial YouTube channel to help new karters

    G’day folk! I have started a YouTube channel focusing on helping new karters (like myself) get into the sport. With the blessing of Admin I thought I’d share some of my videos here. First video focuses on my first race event and also a discussion on the cost difference of rental karting vs...
  6. VenomRaceEngines

    Sold SWRD Wright Minotaur 2019 Kart with Comer C50 engine 4 months old

    SWRD Wright Karts 2019 Minotaur Bambino Kart Comer C50 and Iame m1 compatible Only 4 months old with minimal use. Comes with brand new large Wright Steering wheel Just had brand new Talon sprocket, Panther lightweight chain, brand new bearings all round. Comes with the new 3mm hollow axle...
  7. Adam

    Karting Tutorial The Ultimate Rotax Max 125 Tuning Guide (By POWER REPUBLIC)

    Requested by @Wells671 as he wanted some help with jetting and carb setup. This is a very good video William, very informative. Video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here. I hope to email them and get some posting their content soon, amazing videos by them get posted on...