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  1. Adam

    Karting Tutorial A Beginner's Guide To Buying A Go Kart (By POWER REPUBLIC)

    This video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.
  2. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Change Your Go Kart Tyres The Easy Way (By POWER REPUBLIC)

    This video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.
  3. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Rotax Exhaust Matting Debunked (By POWER REPUBLIC)

    Video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.
  4. Adam

    Karting Tutorial How To Install the Valves and Bead Lock Screws (By POWER REPUBLIC)

    Video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.
  5. Ali Rushforth

    Trade Promotion Ginetta Juniors

    Our own Ginetta Junior is ready for testing & racing. If you’re not sure if Ginetta Juniors is for you, here’s some facts & figures; The Championship has produced a whole host of alumni over the years who have gone on to a variety of different series. These include; πŸ”΄ Senna Proctor - BTCC πŸ”΅...
  6. MattHildred26

    Sold Bullseye Kart Lasers

    Bullseye Kart lasers. Good condition. They come with a pro reactive sleeve, suitable for17mm stubs Β£120ono
  7. Driver Journal Matt McClure Racing

    Follow my Instagram to keep up to date with my racing and sponsorship opportunities.
  8. Adam

    Expired Get your Driver Promotion featured on our socials!

    Hello all, giveaway time! ;) For a limited time over this weekend, all Driver Promotions posted by you guys in our dedicated section here will be featured on our socials! This spans Facebook, Insta', Twitter & Pinterest, going out to our great social following. Sign up. Post a Driver...
  9. Adam

    General When you come home to new kit...thanks MK Racewear!

    Came home from work to be greeted with some new kit for 2020! Big thanks to @MK Racewear for the great service with a personal touch, everything turned up packaged well and very prompt. Love my new lid :cool: (y) If anybody is in need of some new kit I really do recommend these guys. You can...
  10. Adam

    General EOS - A new OTK brand!

    https://www.tkart.it/en/toolbox/eos-the-new-brand-made-in-otk-kart-group/ Not my cup of tea, but I guess any extension to the options out there is a good thing :D
  11. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial A look at the Vortex Mini Rok Engine

    The Vortex Mini ROK is one of the fastest-growing kart engines in terms of popularity within the cadet / mini categories. In this video, Eric Gunderson from Point Karting.com takes an in-depth look at engine and components that make up this powerplant. Want more info about the Vortex Mini...
  12. Adam

    General Race Circuit Closures

    If you havn't seen it already, check before you confirm your plans! Storm Dennis may have other plans.... Race Circuit Closures reported by @JMWForecast https://www.kartingforum.co.uk/threads/poor-conditions-race-circuit-closures.444/
  13. MK Racewear

    Trade Promotion Sparco 2020 Kartwear Now Available

    We now have many of the new Sparco products in stock with more to follow over the next month. In addition to Sparco we also stock Alpinestars, Arai, Adidas and Bell. We offer free delivery on orders over Β£150 and orders made before 2pm Monday to Friday are sent out on that day for next working...
  14. Adam

    News Kart Circuit Directory- Now Live!

    Kart Circuit Directory KartingForum.co.uk is proud to announce we now host an amazing Kart Circuit Directory powered by JMWForecast! Use the feature rich directory to find a Kart Circuit, it's location, contact information, event information, live timing results and also fantastic detailed...
  15. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial Installing Kart Graphics

    In this video, Eric Gunderson from Point Karting.com walks you through how to install kart graphics properly on a racing kart. Many new racers struggle at first when applying graphics, but it's really down to preparation of the surfaces, patience, and a little heat!
  16. TheNoobKarter

    Karting Tutorial Physically preparing for Karting Events

    G’day folks, I attempted to by more physically prepared for my first race for the year. Here is what I found that I thought was helpful:
  17. Adam

    News Welcome KartMania, Our 2020 Media Partner!

    Welcome KartMania, Our 2020 Media Partner! We have been in recent talks with KartMania and both parties have agreed to help each other promote in 2020 by becoming media partners. KartMania already has a dedicated Trade section here and you can also direct any questions you have straight to...
  18. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Whilton Mill Round 1

    Cold air is set to begin moving across the United Kingdom this weekend, and during the early part of next week. Grab your weather forecast for Whilton Mill Kart Club: https://jmwforecast.com/whilton-mill/
  19. Adam

    News Host Migration, Sorry For The Downtime!

    Host Migration First off I'm really sorry for the recent downtime we have had the past few weeks, it's been getting quite consistent. I have had a few moments of madness shouting at my screen :confused: enough was enough! Maybe you guys did too? We made the jump a few days ago to switch...
  20. Adam

    General Drill powered kart?!

    Well I have never seen something like this before...a drill powered Kart. πŸ˜„