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  1. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Easily Adjust The Chain Tension

    This video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.
  2. Adam

    General Introducing Dynamic Kart Steering

    Very interesting "dynamic kart steering"! And another great bit of content from Power Republic! Thoughts?
  3. Adam

    General New boots...what we all been up to?

    What have we all been up to recently? I see @Team13Karting has been busy with the Bambino? I was in the workshop fitting some new tyres and giving the wheels a clean...the simple things! Test day next weekend 😁
  4. Alpha Live

    Trade Promotion Whilton Mill Kart Club Round 3 - Saturday

    Join us for all the action LIVE for Round 3 (Saturday) of the Whilton Mill Kart Club from Whilton Mill in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Saturday Classes MightE IAME Cadet Honda Cadet Iame Bambino MiniROK On commentary will be Howard Mitchell from Double Dash Motorsport Media Be sure to...
  5. Adam

    General Rotax Evo Jetting App

    Anybody use the Rotax Evo Jetting App? It seems to have quite rough reviews from saying way too rich to way to lean? But yet some say it's fantastic!? Any experiences across the classes in using it? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carburetorjetting.calculator&hl=en_GB Advice...
  6. Adam

    Giveaway 10% OFF or FREE SHIPPING at MK Racewear!

    10% OFF or FREE SHIPPING at MK Racewear! >> For KartingForum.co.uk Members! << > For full details on how to take advantage of this great offer, please see below for details < "Whether you've brought from us before or would like to give us a try, forum members can receive either a 10% discount...
  7. Adam

    General 'Become One' - Karting Film

    I chose to post this here, as it is basically 100% Karting related. Check this small film out! I have never seen it before and only just come across it, it's fantastic! How the lads and ladies do things across the pond. The same values and community spirit is still very much the same. Become...
  8. Adam

    General A new setup for 2020 - Bayford Meadows tomorrow!

    Big thanks for NextKarting for supplying me with a nice setup to get out there this year. Highly recommended! We are running in and testing at Bayford tomorrow. I'll have some stickers on me and if anybody wants to say hello, please do so (y) 🏁
  9. Adam

    Off-Topic KartKraft currently on sale 30% off!

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/406350/KartKraft/ Anybody played it?
  10. Adam

    Off-Topic Lego Printed Kart :-O

    How cool is that? A Kart made out of 3D printed materials 😄🏁
  11. Adam

    Sold Retro Blue OMP Karting Gloves

    'Retro' Blue OMP Gloves from around 2004/2005. Size is Large. Great condition, slight red staining from wheel ÂŖ40+ Postage.
  12. Adam

    News Scheduled Downtime 17th June 2020 22:00

    Hi guys! Just a quick heads up; Scheduled Downtime - 17th June 2020 @ 22:00. For a short time on the date and at the time above, the forum will be unavailable due to updates and maintenance. We should however be up and running again within a few hours. Sorry for any inconvenience caused...
  13. Keys

    Sold Mychron 5 (Unit + Batt Only)

    Mychron 5 (Unit + Batt Only) price is plus postage costs. Buyer can collect. This was out spare unit. Just got back from AIM/Mychron after having a new screen fitted. Works as intended. What's in the pictures is what you get. :)
  14. Adam

    Sold Blue Kart Cover

    Generic shower proof Kart cover (Blue). Brand new, not been taken out of the wrapping. ÂŖ20.00 + Postage.
  15. Driver Journal American 17 Year old Driver

    Hello, My Name is Indy Kassy I am a 17 year old racing driver located just outside the Nations Capital of Washington, DC I have been Karting since the age of 8 and competing nationally Since the age of 12. I currently compete in X30 Senior class as well as a Briggs and Stratton Lo206 class...
  16. Adam

    Expired Driver Journals - Social Media Feature Giveaway!

    🏁 Driver Journals - Social Media Feature Giveaway! 🏁 For a limited time post a Driver Journal and get it featured on our social media network! This spans Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest, going out to our great social following. Everybody who has posted a Driver Promotion before, has...
  17. Adam

    Found OTK Kosmic 401R Rolling (2018/2019/2020)

    Interesting to see what is available; Used OTK Kosmic 401R 2019, rolling. :) 🏁
  18. Adam

    Sold XPS Carb Cleaner 500ml (5 available)

    XPS Carb Cleaner 500ml (5 available). Price per 1x unit + postage. Genuine Rotax/XPS. See other listings for other products.
  19. Adam

    Sold XPS Break Cleaner 500ml (5 available)

    XPS Break Cleaner 500ml (5 available). Price per 1x unit + postage. Genuine Rotax/XPS. See other listings for other products.
  20. Adam

    Sold XPS Kart Chain Lube 500ml (5 available)

    XPS Kart Chain Lube 500ml (5 available). Price per 1x unit + postage. Genuine Rotax/XPS. See other listings for other products.