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  1. Adam

    News Rejected Members & Emoji's Fixed

    Hi all, I hope you are all had a good Christmas and New Year! Just a quick update on my end; 1) We seemed to be having an issue with emoji's displaying correctly in menus etc, this now seems to be fixed (y):) 2) I also noticed in the log files we had around 10 members which got their...
  2. Adam

    General What are we all up to before racing starts?

    So what are all you guys up to before before we get back racing? Taking a brake? Maintenance? Testing? Sim racing? Indoor karting? Doing another hobby? GYM? Work? My current situation is, I broke it. So taking the time to renew all bearings and other parts where needed. Broken rear hub and...
  3. Adam

    General 2022 Membership for Bayford Meadows

    2022 Bayford Meadows club membership is open for registration on Alpha Timing! ÂŖ75 for the year allows you to enter club race meetings and test days. :)(y) http://www.bmkr.co.uk https://bmkr.alphatiming.co.uk/users/sign_in
  4. Adam

    News Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all! Have a good one everybody! Wishing you all the best for 2022 and beyond. Thanks for all the support for this place this year, it's been great. Hopefully the forum has helped a few people out and get into the...
  5. Adam

    Technical OTK Tracking Setup

    From reading a few guides and watching some videos. It seems the standard tracking setup for a OTK chassis is 1-2mm toe out for dry setup and 5-8mm toe out for wet setup? I have never had a set of laser put on the Kart all season, so thought it was best to get myself a set of snipers over...
  6. Adam

    News Software Updates & Renewals

    Software Updates & Renewals KartingForum.co.uk recently updated to the latest version of XenForo which is our premium community platform software of choice. And while we was upgrading we also took the time to update various expansions and add-ons we use to customise things to our needs. Server...
  7. Adam

    General Anybody make it to KartMania?

    Sadly couldn't make it due to other commitments. But did any of you guys manage to make it down there?
  8. James Karting

    Sold 2016 Mskart, 200 rpm engines extreme , complete Kart.

    2016 mskart, excellent condition, both RPM extreme 200 engines on approximately 15hrs. Alfano pro, kart trolley, brand new max torque clutches, have spare magnum 20t & 21 clutches. Currently on mojo d5's for IKR but have 2x sets of YDS tyres.
  9. Adam

    General Race weekend!

    Looking forward to this weekend at Bayford Meadows. Have a good one all, wherever you may be racing/testing ;)(y)
  10. George Barker Racing 63

    Driver Journal George Barker

    Hi my name is George and i'm racing in the Junior Rotax class next year (2022) I will be focusing on Bayford Meadows hoping to get in the top 3 of the championship after winning the Super One title in Minimax I feel like its best to move to the more powerful engine thank you for reading my post!
  11. George Barker Racing 63

    General Lydd 13TH November

    Hi is anyone at lydd this Saturday?
  12. Adam

    News New Community Ranks, Trophies & Donations

    🏆 New Community Ranks, Trophies & Donations 🏆 Hello all! Sorry for the lack of news and updates. There has been major updates behind the scenes, of which I still need to issue an update post for. I'm always keeping things maintained and updated visually on a weekly if not daily basis. I'm...
  13. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Install An AiM Mychron 5 Go Kart Data Logger

  14. Adam

    Karting Tutorial A Beginner's Guide To Setting Up Your Go Kart

  15. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Everything You Need To Know About Go Kart Wheels

  16. Adam

    Karting Tutorial How To Clean and Change Your Go Kart Chain

  17. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Rebuild Your Go Kart Brakes ft Tony Kart BSM Brakes

  18. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Rotax Pre Season Race Prep

  19. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Kart Wet Set Up The Easy Way

  20. Adam

    Karting Tutorial IAME X30 Race Preparations