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  1. General Idiots guide

    Afternoon all, I am looking to get into kart racing, just for fun. What kart is best to start with ? there are so many different types and names and as the title suggest I'll need the idiot guide. All help is gratefully received. Matt
  2. Wanted senior evo rotax

    i am looking for a senior rotax kart for my son (16) ideally a full package with any spares available we have a budget of approx Β£3000 but could possibly go higher for the right kart
  3. General Advise needed please !! πŸ˜‚

    Hi guys I’m very New to go-karting so any help would be much appreciated!! This is my kart that I picked up a few years ago but never got a chance to do anything with. I’ve finally started doing some work on it and am really enjoying it! Does anyone know what kart/ frame it is and if It’s...
  4. Point Karting

    Karting Tutorial Installing the Steering Shaft in a Kart

    We're building a go kart from the ground up! Join Eric Gunderson from PointKarting.com as he demonstrates how to assemble the DR Mini 18 from a largely bare frame into a full racing kart in this video series. In this video, we walk through the proper installation of the steering shaft and...